Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH !

Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH..  

Would you believe it if I told you that last weekend, we tried 10 cakes in one sitting! Talk about sugar high.. but then again, if it’s cakes from NOSH, then it’s worth the sugar intake. Besides, we can always run it off later.


Anyway, we are already fast approaching the month of October, so here you will see the cakes, strutting their stuff down the NOSH runway in style. It’s hard to pick a favourite because all of them are just pret a porter .. or should I say, pret a manger .. ah, so ready to be eaten indeed!



Here’s what’s in store for this last quarter of the year. You will see loads of autumnal berries, and spices coming into play. This dessert journey is about delivering the exceptional on to the plate, and no place does it better than NOSH. Each dessert is inspiration personified – it is pondered over, drawn out on paper, worked and reworked, till the final product appears in the flesh. It’s a labour of love and it’s translated into every last bite you take out of their cakes.

1. Caffe Caffe*


This one is a tribute to Coffee and great for coffee lovers. Imagine intense Espresso and steadfast Long Black jelly, paired with a rich Latte ice cream, that packs a Kahlua punch. Loved the wobbly texture of the jelly and the creamy smoothness of the ice-cream. The bitter kick from the concentrated double espresso at the bottom of the glass is the bomb. 

2. Berry Harvest*


A wonderful autumnal combination of tart berries spiced up with Grand Marnier , rich custard cream , fragrant green tea and milky white chocolate. Perfectly balanced taste notes, from the last of summer’s berry harvest – this one goes great with a glass of white wine.

3. Mont Blanc*


One of my favourites from NOSH.  Roasting chestnuts always brings to mind this dessert. Rich chestnut cream concealing a dark chocolate and rum gateaux. You need to eat this fast as it quickly disintegrates in our Malaysian heat. Love the way you can actually taste the chestnuts and feel the heady sweetness of the rum. Scrumptiously delicious to the last morsel .

4. Caramelized Pumpkin Panna Cotta


OMG. This one looked like a piece that belonged in the museum of contemporary art. I am big on panna cotta, so this dessert was incredibly good. Creamy pumpkin panna cotta, with dark burnt caramel sauce ,adorned with hand crafted wafers that looked like flickering, dancing blades of fire. Served with a buttery Pecan Walnut crumble and Anglaise sauce this was was to die for. 

5. Earl Grey Chocola Gateaux


For those who love chocolate, there is the Valrhona chocolate and Earl grey tea Gateaux. The perfect pairing of dark chocolate and fragrant tea, put together with rich fudge cake & zingy passion fruit.

6. Goma Macha Rhapsody


This dessert was so whimsical and cute to look at. It had a nice layering of buttery black sesame wafers with green tea mousse and touches of red bean. Japanese inspired and a really fun dessert. When you take a cross section of it, you get the crunch of the wafers, the light billowy green tea mousse and the rich red bean flavours all shining through in prefect balance and harmony.

7. Spiced Orange Tea Cake


The spice orange tea cake was a rich citrus butter cake , fragrant with spiced tea. Served with nutty Almond ice cream , I found this dessert a little too moist (almost wet) and not really to my liking. 

8. Talam Tango


Another one which got many rised eyebrows – first in surprise, and then in awe.

Inspired by Kuih Talam and Kopi-O sessions  (think of it as “makan kuih talam, minum kopi-O!”) , comes this gorgeous Pandan Coconut Panna cotta. Again, served with coffee jelly and topped off with salted palm sugar, you need to take a full cross section of this dessert, to get the whole symphony of flavours swirling around in your mouth, for the ultimate cake experience. It is creatively ingenious and a really fun dessert to order. We highly recommend this one.

9. Apple Cheese Tart


Say no more – warm cinnamon apple slices ,soft cheese mousse and nutty crumble. Deconstructed with a zest, that makes eating this concoction pleasurable with every mouthful.

10. Peanut Butter Heaven


The combination of crunchy salted peanuts, creamy peanut butter cheese cake and chocolate is great for peanut butter lovers. I am not big on peanut butter cakes, but even this one which was not too sweet, I liked. 

And that concludes the magnificent 10, for the Autumn Winter 2013 collection. Note that *Contains alcohol. At NOSH, any 2 selections are price at RM29 and 3 selections at RM41.


The lovely Judith, owner of NOSH and the creator/baker of all the wonderful cakes at NOSH.


 “Because ONE tray is never enough at NOSH!”  – the expression is priceless .. says everything about NOSH doesn’t it? 

And apart from legendary desserts, NOSH also serves up great savory dishes too..


clockwise : Eggs – Garden Goodness , The Big Breakfast , wines by the glass, Steak & Chips, Curry Roti

Wow, and that was how we survived the 10 most inspiring desserts at NOSH for the Autumn/Winter Collection. I can now wear a badge that says I ate them all!

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