Restoran Selayang Tokyo

So which is it? Selayang or Tokyo?

Oh, we remember the good old days. Back before we started the blog. And yes, we have been eating in this restaurant that long. Back when this restaurant used to be called, just plain Restoran Tokyo.

Now it seems, the place is completely renovated – airconditioned and all.. and the owners saw it fit to upgrade the name as well – Restoran Selayang Tokyo. Just incase you were going to mistake it for being in Japan.


And the specialty here? Well, where do we start?


Let’s try, pork knuckle and river prawns, as the tip of the iceberg. And then work our way down the list .. steamed fish, massive crab claws, tofu, vege and fried rice… you have just stumbled upon chinese dai-chow paradise.


Cooks, hard at work.. Passing by the kitchen, you can’t help but notice that the place is a furnace.. I guess that’s how they get the wok-hei out of the wok and into your food!


Fresh tiger prawns in a special dark sauce


Tofu Salad

This local deep fried tofu, dish that’s crispy on the outside, soft and white on the inside, topped with crushed peanuts, julienned turnip, cucumber and drizzled with a sweet and sour chili sauce is a great appetite stimulant.


Chee Sau .. oo for the love of pig!

Chee Sau, or Pork Knuckle – Crunchy on outside, soft and tender on inside. The sauce is a thick, gooey brown sauce that’s probably made from pork lard and its own pork juices as well. Terrific artery clogging stuff. So darn beautiful.


Ham Tan Hai

Salted egg yolk crab – suck and lick the yolk off the shell, before you proceed to suck the life and white flesh out of the crab! What a ridiculously fattening, cholesterol laden and superbly tasty dish.


Sei Dai Tin Wong – 4 types of veges

Again, the theme here seems to be oily, fatty and super tasty! Belacan fried ladies fingers, long beans, aubergine and four angled bean.


Care to shake on that?


So perfectly formed.. it takes skill to get it out in one piece .. Hah, all mine!


Pak Sok Kong

This fish used to be a cheap fish, that swimmed in the kampung river and drains – so says my dad.. and he tells me this every single time we pay money (“too much” he says) for this fresh water fish. The best part of the Pak Sok Kong, is of course, just behind the gills – super fatty (and it ain’t omega3, just fish fat) but insanely tasty. Don’t come to this restaurant if you are not prepared to pay your dues in fat.


Don’t be cheeky. Or as dad says, if some one is mean to you, give him the other cheek;)

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Restoran Selayang Tokyo
7456 Jalan 1,
Taman Selayang Baru,
68100 Batu Caves,
Tel: (603) 6138 9312
GPS: 3.246930,101.658423


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