Taman Bukit Anggerik Street food

One of the best things about Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras is the enormous number of good street food stalls in the area.

That, and also the RM2.50 Lor Mai Farn/glutinous rice. (latest price is now RM2.80)


Run by a chinese family, the Kok’s (mother, son and dad) this lor mai farn stall sells out pretty quickly. And if there’s any doubt as to the tastiness of its merchandise, here’s a sign of a cut out “thumbs up” and 5000 likes, to convince patrons of its worthiness.

The lady smiles at me and says, ” Ours is the same as Kampar lor mai farn. But our special sauce, not same. We add har-mai (fried dried baby shrimp), so not same.”

First the lady digs into a deep bucket of glutinous rice, with a big two pronged fork. Then she scoops a complete bowl full of rice and dumps it on the plastic paper in front of her.


To the rice she adds, peanuts, har-mai, charsiew (bbq pork), special charsiew sauce, and finally chives. We didn’t know what to expect but taking a bite of the Kam-po lor mai farn, we find the flavors terrific. The rice is sticky, soft and sweet with the charsiew sauce.


Contrasted by the crispy bits of the fried baby shrimps and it explosive aromas, this fresh lor mai farn is just too good for words. We decide to tapau (take away) a couple of packets and I have to say, it was still good for breakfast the next morning. For RM2.50, this was definitely a fantastic find.


Just 10 steps along from Kam-po Lor Mai Farn is another famous road side Duck Egg Char Kwey Teow (CKT). We found this CKT just OK, but it was still above average. It had good wok-hei and some rather bloody and fresh cockles. We liked it, but it wasn’t exactly over the top fantastic (read about one of our favourite salted duck egg yolk CKT’s here).


The aroma that drifted over from the hot wok was intoxicating. Fried from the back of a van, this was an interesting mobile char kwey teow stall.


loads of fresh cockles, de-shelled prawns and condiments for the CKT


The tables are set up just along the curb and folks from all over come to eat this CKT


We shared a table with some nice, friendly folks who hailed from Sabah.. they loved this CKT and apparently Taman Bukit Anggerik is their usual haunt on the weekends for some good street food.


Here’s our plate CKT – impressive looking no?

And so, Taman Bukit Anggerik still has more surprises in store. Walking along the strip after lunch we bump into the Siew Yoke man. We decided to take away some roasted pork for RM10. The portion was small but the taste was good. Cumi found it gamy but I liked it.


tempting looking roasted pork cuts


here is our portion for RM10


check out the butcher’s arm.. is it a Tee or Tat? (as in t-shirt of tattoo)

One other great thing about Taman Bukit Anggerik is the famous curry noodles. We walk over to the sidewalk where the stall used to sit, but we were greeted by this instead.


A hand drawn map clearly showed us the new location of the stall. It had relocated to a shop lot, 2 streets down the road, opposite the Toto shop. This curry mee stall, that really wasn’t even a lot at all, that was situated on the curb of the road, and erected tables just under trees, used to be packed to the rafters.


We had to wait ages even for a bowl of curry noodles. Again not the best curry noodles to us, the thing that drew us here, were their larger than life sui kao (soup dumplings). Walking over, we found this new place more comfortable than the old makeshift restaurant. The sui kao tasted delicious, and priced at RM1 per piece, still a steal!


bowl of 5 massive sui-kao


love the flavourful broth as well


This sui kao is not just stuffed solid with pork meat, but also with succulent, whole prawns too! Totally awesome. Now you see why we love Taman Bukit Anggerik for street food!


Jalan 34/154,
Taman Bukit Anggerik,
Kuala Lumpur




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