Drool worthy Seafood @ Port Village, Klang

Have you been to that seafood place called Port Village..?

Some of my best seafood experiences have been in Klang. I remember back when I was starting out in my new job, my buddies the sales reps would drive me all the way to North Port , Klang for the best crustacean meals ever. Nice to know, many years down the line some things never change. It’s nice to know that the crabs at Port Village are still huge and fresh. Tasty as hell.


Follow the rickety wooden covered jetty, to Port Village..


We decided to arrive early so we would not have to muscle anyone for a seat or food. Port Village place can get pretty hot and congested once lunch time arrives. People don’t seem to mind eating under the zinc roof in the heat. It’s all part and parcel of eating here. The sweatier the better.


The Hainanese noodles were delicious. They were exactly as I remember them in a restaurant in Bangsar Baru which I used to frequent many years ago. The yellow noodles were finished in a sauce that had a sour lift from lime juice and on top of them were lots of finely cut onions and cucumber, fish cake and omelette. It had all the right ingredients, and the right flavours. I could just have the noodles at this restaurant and be happily satisfied.


The mantis prawns were dipped in a light batter, deepfried with dried chillies and tossed in salt. They were surprisingly fleshy and you could detach easily the sweet and fresh meat from the shell. They were sublime. You could also have these deepfried with butter, but I prefer the subtler chiu yim treatment.


The restaurant is also known for its Kam Heong bamboo clams, assam curry fish, steamed fish Teochew style and Marmite crabs, among other dishes. It’s not all that expensive eating here.


Butter prawns that were a tad too sweet for me. Otherwise the texture and the crunchiness of the flesh was exquisite.


You catch a whiff of the sweet and sour crabs as they are brought to the table, the crabs glistening with the thick orangey and eggy sauce poured over them. Tart and sweet came out in perfect balance, with a little chilli hotness gelling with the tomato sauce and a little vinegar used to cook them. I loved the crab in the sauce; it was even better with the very light, fried mantou to mop it up.

The next best one was the Kam Heong crabs. They smouldered with chilli in the sambal dried prawns, the strong aromas coming through, including those of fried curry leaves.

The salted egg sauce for the next cooking style was mellower, with bites of salted egg yolk chunks on the crabs tossed in this.


my favourite part is the claw.. how about you?


Them addictive man-tau’s .. somehow, one plate is never enough!


Restaurant Port Village Seafood,
LMS A 12800, Tg Harapan,
42000 Port Klang,
Tel: 03-3176 4531, 03-3176 4522


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