Curry Pan Mee @ Restoran Sei Ngan Chai, Selayang

The name of this restaurant Sei Ngan Chai, directly translates into ‘Four-eyed boy’ or the ‘Bespectacled Boy’ Restaurant.

Cute name isn’t it, and hard to forget.

Well the specialty at this restaurant is the fried noodles, curry mee, and pan mee. (and if you are a fan of Pan Mee, you might want to browse our Pan Mee archives )

So for Valentines day, we headed the Sei Ngan Chai, somewhere in Selayang, for lunch .. how romantic.. right?

curry laksa with heart charsiew

be my (curry) Valentine? 😛

As luck would have it, the good cooks of Sei Ngan Chai decided to reward me with a nice char-siew in the shape of a heart, just for me, on Valentines Day. My husband didn’t even have anything to do with it. He tried to take credit, but no, I knew even he, did not have such super powers to woo. LOL.

Yes, this Valentines was turning out to be a rather amusing one indeed.

cah choy pan mee

The best thing about the noodles at Sei Ngan Chai, are that they are hand made and cooked super al dente. There are a variety of toppings which goes with the noodles, even with curry sauce. As the dough is rolled out fresh, you can have your noodles served to you flat, thin, or simply pulled apart. I normally go for the thick version because it is that much bouncier and springier.

Up till a couple of years back, the old lady chef and owner of this shop used to stir up a terrific fried Hokkien Pan Mee. Too bad she hurt her leg and no longer fries those black lava noodles at this shop. But no matter, the children have taken over and still serve the great tasting pan mee dishes here. Quality still intact minus a few dishes off the menu.

I like the curry laksa, not just because of the heart shaped charsiew, though that was a nice touch, but also because the coconut milk, i.e. the santan they use is really thick and fresh. The cooks are generous with the ingredients too – with loads of fish cakes, fish balls, charsiew etc. added, all for the price of RM4.50 only, per bowl.

The curry mee dish is creamy, rich, and infused with coconut milk, the spiciness of the chilli and fragrance of spices. It never fails to satisfy my appetite to have it for lunch, here in Selayang.

packed to the rafters

tail end of chinese new year, and the restaurants that are open for business, are super busy, as many chinese restaurants are still closed

wantan noodles at sei ngan chai

wantan mee

wantan mee

Cumi says that the wantan mee is just average

sei ngan chai pan mee

Restoran Sei Ngan Chai.. look out for the sign with the boy wearing glasses.. you can’t miss it!


Restoran Sei Ngan Chai,
6-S, Jalan Bidara 1,
Taman Bidara,


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