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“A Delicious Christmas” by Delicious..

When we got an invite to check out the latest Delicious outlet at St Mary’s we were so excited.

It was such a shame that the school St Mary’s that once served so many children and teachers, had to be torn down. Yet another beautiful piece of heritage, destroyed.

Well today, St Mary is still a tranquil sanctuary located on prime property, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Set on a quiet and quaint street, the property is made up of St Mary Residences, the E&O Residences and St Mary Place – a collection of retail outlets and the renowned Delicious Café. We couldn’t wait to check this latest edition to the Delicious chain of F & B outlets out.

Where once stood the dilapidated main school building of the St. Mary’s Girls School at Jalan Tengah (directly translated as “Middle Road”), as seen towards the south, in the Golden Triangle, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Once you enter Delicious at St Mary’s you will notice a prominent structure right in the center of the room. There stands a Boiler in perfect likeness to the one from the old school. Photos of the St Mary’s school hang from the ‘boiler’ and serve as a memory and reminder of what once used to be.

Apart from the usual offerings on the ala-carte menu, Delicious’s line-up of Christmas goodies this year under “A Delicious Christmas” covers both sweets and beverages.

“A Bevy of Christmas Desserts”, have been specially created by Chef Steve Allen, E&O’s Group Creative Chef for those with a sweet tooth. Chef Allen says, “Desserts are more exciting as they are unexpected and unpredictable unlike the plain Christmas turkey.” His quartet of Yuletide sweets will give every Delicious dessert lover an excuse to eat more than one at the cafes and to take away to share with loved ones.

“A Delicious Christmas” runs from 1-31 December 2012 throughout all Delicious outlets in Malaysia. All beverages are priced at RM12.90++ while the desserts are priced at RM14.90++ each.


We started with the Buche de Noel, a Yule log cake from France. Picture vanilla sponge, with chestnut and an aromatic coffee filling all rolled up and covered in chocolate ganache. Tasty as hell!


An Asian headturner, Bibingka is a Christmas dessert from the Philippines made with rice flour, coconut milk, salted egg, cheese and Hawaiian coconut. Chef Allen’s version is lighter but every bit as heady and addictive as the original.


English Christmas Pudding is made from a brand new recipe customised for Delicious Café which omits alcohol but includes a whole barrage of flavours – sweet, tangy, fruity. A must-try for all Christmas pudding aficionados. This version had dried fruits, apple, apple juice, lemon, almonds and Earl Grey tea.

Delicious Christmas Menu3

Rounding off the Christmas sweet list is Cranberry & White Chocolate Panettone, a Delicious twist on the classic sweet Christmas bread from Milan. Beautifully presented with cranberries, white chocolate and mixed peel, it is served with a dollop of mascarpone and cream.


The scents and fragrances of the Season have also inspired Chef Allen to develop a collection of festive beverages, themed “All Spiced Up & Ready to Go Drinks.” Chef Allen shares that these are “basically European beverages customised for Delicious customers and includes some childhood favourites.”

Delicious Christmas Menu

Among the hot and spicy drinks are (Clockwise from Top)
Hot and spicy grape juice which is fruit juice with touches of aromatic ginger (both fresh & ground) and chili. Has a nice warm sting to it.. kind of like the soothing drinks you take for a cold.
Mulled cranberry and apple – fruit juices with an assault of citrus flavours like orange, lemon combined with touches of cinnamon, cloves, chili and ginger – my favourite of the lot.
Gingerbread latte – Has all the comforting fragrances of gingerbread without the calories: ginger, vanilla, cinnamon.
Minted hot white chocolate – a marvelous combo of the smoothness of white choc with a touch of festive mint, very wintery wonderland.

Delicious Christmas Menu1

There are also chilled Christmassy drinks (Clockwise from Top)
The Delicious festive iced tea – a refreshing blend of tamarind, sour plum, lime, lemon, grenadine.
Pear and cinnamon ice-cream smoothie – an indulgence with aromatic pear and a hint of cinnamon.
Ice blended clove coffee – the traditional spicy coffee is given a new lease of icy cold life.

The promo items above (except for the Bibingka) are available for takeaway in addition to traditional Christmas goodies like Roasted Turkey Crown, Beef Wellington and Roasted stuffed leg of lamb and the yummiest of sides. Order forms are available in the back pockets of menus at all Delicious cafes in Malaysia or via download from

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