Mia Palencia and the Jazz Trio at Equatorial Hotel KL

KK (Kota Kinabalu) born singer songwriter, jazz crooner, voice actor and occasional thespian, Mia Palencia is a woman of many talents. We were totally psyched to meet her and hear her lovely voice, and our chance came, when we were invited to Equatorial Hotel, KL, for a night of Jazz Music with Mia Palencia and The Jazz Trio.

Her original music revolves around the acoustic guitar, working with folkish tunes and an eclectic blend of soul, folk, RnB, bossa nova and the occasional rock vibe. Her lyrics are always story-based, relating her personal experiences with the people and places around her. Mia’s latest self-released album, Songs From The Jiwang Kingdom, features 12 original songs. The self-produced album is rich with lyrical poetry and groovy melodies, culminating in a smooth, sleek and definitive sound. Mia is currently based in Hobart, Tasmania.


Mia Palencia

At the age of 14, Mia started her music career in KLs jazz circuit with the well known band Double Take. Mia Palencia went on to become one of KLs favorite singer-songwriters, crooning her fans with her own brand of jazz. She has since released a single, Sayang, in 2006, and an album, Finding My Way, in 2008. This Sabahan songstress has also made appearances in theater performances such as M The Opera and Tarap Man.

We had a great time that night, listening to her Jazz performance.. we will definitely want to catch her again, when she next performs.


the stage that really set the mood, at Equatorial Hotel Ballroom


As a jazz vocalist, Mia experiments with work by legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Diana Krall and Louis Armstrong.


As a songwriter, Mia’s work centres on the guitar where she simply has fun exploring and expressing her poetic side. She draws inspiration from people, places and everyday things. This helps her to communicate with people from all walks of life.


Apparently Mia establishes firm and loyal relationships with the musicians she works with. She chooses them carefully and therefore they are the very best musicians you will find around town. She has worked with great individuals like Jose Thomas, David Gomes, Roger Wang, George Chan, Jo Kukathas, Roland Peelman, Saidah Rastam, Bruce Hurn and Amir Yusoff.


Mia has performed in Melbourne, Korea, Singapore, Brunei and has toured around Malaysia for her album launchings and has appeared at numerous jazz and music festivals.


What a great night. Thank you Equatorial hotel for organizing this amazing Jazz Performance!


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