Malay Rice at D’Anis Putri/ Rozita Catering

Recently, both me and Cumi have been totally smitten with the Malay cuisine at D’Anis Putri/ Rozita Catering. Known simply as Anis Putri Corner (or in recent times, Anis Puteri Gulai Kawah), this comfortable, spacious and almost always packed to the rafters restaurant is situated somewhere in Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur (not too far from Gasing Indah and the Pantai Baru Highway).


don’t drop your spoon in the deep pot of beef curry or it will be gone forever!

This restaurant serves a fantastic variety of Malay dishes as well as a wide variety of Kelantanese food. They do special in-house dishes like Malay style cooked duck, which is difficult to get in any run of the mill Malay restaurants, and some hot favourites like the Ikan Panggang (grilled fish) and Gulai Daging Kawah (dry beef rendang). You need to get there early to get a place to sit, as it gets really crowded during lunchtime. But don’t worry, the turnover is fast, and there are always people coming and going. There is even a comfortable air-conditioned dining section for those who do not take well to the heat.

From traditional Malay dishes to grilled and deep oil fried chicken or fish with spices, you name it, this place has it. The seafood selection is great too, and I am crazy about the lala dishes as well as the balitong. Balitong are snails, or if you want to be more “French” about it.. Escargot! Lala are succulent clams cooked in a delicate sauce that makes you want to suck the be-juices out of it. Then there is the Ulam counter that covers raw vegetables in every form, that goes with the delicious tempoyak that I crave and love. It has to be said that I don’t like eating durian, but Tempoyak that is made with durian, that, I like! They also do a great Ikan Patin Tempoyak at Anis Putri Corner. This is made with patin fish, which has been soaked in tamarind juice and lime juice for an hour to get rid of the fishy smell/taste. The tempoyak paste is added to the pan of fried shallots, chili padi and tumeric, mixed evenly with water and brought to the boil . The fish is then added to the mix, along with birds eye chillies, julienned galangal, laksa leaves (daun kesum), sugar and salt. This makes a delicious meal with rice and ulam.


the deliciously stinky and addictive tempoyak

Most of the dishes here at Anis Putri are well prepared – they have distinctively unique flavours, the dishes are not too salty, and the sauce is just heavenly and mouth-wateringly good when you drench it all over your rice. You will end up drinking every last drop up! Though the restaurant is large and spacious, Anis Putri is yet again undergoing renovations – they are installing a rather modern looking annexe to accommodate even more tables for dining. Anis Putri is also more hygienic than your average Malay restaurant – I hardly noticed any flies, it has several accessible and clean toilets, as well as many strategically placed basins with soap etc.

Drinking water is free but you may order your other drinks from the staff clad in brown uniforms with the D’Anis Putri/ Rozita Catering logo printed on the back, who will come around to take your order, and also to see what you have taken and give you your bill. You can settle it on the way out. Such is the trust of the Muslim community, and I think that’s a great way to do business. Prices are reasonable for the quality served.


ikan bakar (grilled fish)


a massive spread


this place is so packed at lunchtime


Beef Rendang


chicken curry


nasi kunyit (tumeric rice)

Nasi Kunyit is basically glutinous rice flavoured with turmeric. Not only does the turmeric gives the rice a nice golden colour, it also gives it a very pleasant flavour. This dish goes fab with a spicy bowl of Malay chicken curry!


ikan panggang rempah (grilled chicken with spices)


Lunchtime! My choice – lala (shellfish) with curry leaves, fried chicken and beef rendang


Cumi’s choice – spiced chicken, mutton, acar (malay pickled vegetables) and rice


ikan pangang with a spicy gravy(left), and ulam with tempoyak (right)


different chillies to go with your Ulam


Ulam counter


solitary lonesome balitong (type of sea snails).. half hour later, no more left! Super popular, you better get in there fast!



Anis Putri Corner


Just like McDonald’s, they have a children’s play section


…minus the health and safety guidelines


the new and modern annexe


across the road, yet another dining area that belongs to Anis Putri Corner – their “kingdom” is massive and keeps on expanding

This dining area is fashioned after the traditional Malay house, where you sit on mats on the the floor to eat.


sweet eggy dessert

A sweet eggy dessert for Cumi.. as if he did not eat enough already! Groan 😛

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No. 4, Jalan Pantai Dalam,
Pantai Dalam,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+60) 19-282-6908
Open everyday of the week, except for Fridays (that’s prayer day for the Muslims)



  • Sean says:

    ooo, balitong! i actually love that! wish it were available in cafes 😀

  • ciaraysabel says:

    All these food are making me hungrier Ciki!

  • Myhorng says:

    wow… the ulam..

    • ciki says:

      Why, u so into veggies meh? haha. Strange, u strike me as a carnivorous sort of guy! I thought you might say the beef or fish or chicken or mutton!

  • missyblurkit says:

    shioks….now i wanna eat this for dinner…hungry maximus.

    come swing by to kl one of these weekday lunch. shall share with you my fave gerai melayu with yummy ikan bakar, gulai kawah, assortment of ulam and smack beside it, one of kl’s best nasi kukus ayam berempah.

  • Mark Wiens says:

    Wow, this post is making me extremely hungry. I’d like to fly down to Malaysia just for this place and I REALLY want to sample tempoyak, that sounds amazing!

    • ciki says:

      You’d probably like it Mark, since u love most spicy asian foods! and living in thailand so long, you’ve had loads of practice;)

  • Joel Bruner says:

    OH. Man. oh man. Those pictures are amazing!!! My mouth was hanging open without realizing it after staring at the Tempoyak recipe! Whew. Yes Mark Wiens, this is worth a flight to KL.
    Do they offer space to rent in the back of the shop? Like a place to put a sleeping bag for a few days while we buffet for 48 hours?

    Great great post! Super great pics.

    • ciki says:

      Hi Joel! Are you serious.. i can ask! LOL. Well yeah, do come to KL to visit us some time and bring Mark and galfriend with you – we would be happy to show you all to good spots for nosh! 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    That is one big bowl! It must feed an army 🙂

    • ciki says:

      Hi Leslie! I was a little overwhelmed at first by the size of the bowl. I figured anything cooked in such a large quantity would taste like s***. BUT no… it was crazy DELICIOUS! these people can really COOK! You must come.. will take you and hubby – and it’s not so spicy either.

  • Huai Bin says:

    Lovely writeup but I can’t get over that huge wok. A baby could drown inside. *holds niece protectively

    Kidding, it’s an awesome photo. 😀

  • Eunice says:

    UISEH..Lemak tapi bagus,kan? ishh.. Really have the urge to go for a marathon after looking at yr sinful…;P

  • Anonymous says:

    I seek out for that eggy dessert whenever am at Malay markets & Ramadhan bazaars. I’ve had it about 10 years ago at a Ramadhan bazaar but I could not find it ever since. I was told by the seller it is called Seri Kaya, but am always shown the Seri Muka when I enquired at stalls. It’ll be worth my trip to Pantai Dalam to end that 10 year hunt! Btw, Ciki, how do you get such even tan? It almost look like spray tan. I was an avid runner, cyclist & swimmer years ago (getting back to running now, so there goes my even out skin tone very soon) but I constantly looked like a zebra back then! I could see how you could hide your leg tan lines because I’d fold up my bike tights as high as my mini skirt so it doesn’t look like am showing the parts that “doesn’t see the sun” when I’m in mini skirts but I could not avoid the arms, shoulder, chest & back tan lines & of course the really odd & attention grabbing face tan line from sunnies/goggles, which I get from doing either one of the 3 sports under the sun. Care to share tips on your gorgeous tan? 🙂 And am absolutely envious that I can’t see any pigmentation spots on your skin, I had noticed mine started appearing around my collarbone even after I stopped going out in the sun. My natural skin color is the kind that looks like I constantly have a tan though am of East Asian descent. It’s my first comment on your blog but looks like it’s a little too long compared to the average commentors. Ooops!

    • ciki says:

      Firstly, thanks for the longest comment in the history of this blog LOL.

      To answer your tan line question : I only ever run in the wee hours of the morning, before sunrise OR, after 645pm. In the evening.
      The even tan comes from WEEKEND SWIMS in the morning, where I wear a strapless bikini, hence no tan lines. the only places I am fair is for my HUSBAND to see lah. so go figure! haha

      My skin is good, I don’t get pigmentation. If you want to know the secrets of anti-aging, go read my blog on health, fitness and alternative medication. CIKIPEDIA! Here is the url .. Cheers!

    • shelly says:

      that eggy kuih is called ‘akok’. its a traditional kelantan thats why you may find it hard to source. ifyou go to bazaar or pasar with a lot of kelantanese people, you will be able to find it.

  • MOHDISA says:

    saya blum pernah mkn kat Restoran AIS PUTERI nanti ada masa cuti saya datang o.k

  • Shah says:

    Anis putri pantai dalam? Sangat sangat tak puas hati. Saya datang hampir kerap ke kedai anda samada breakfast, atau lunch…Satu hari saya isteri dan anak 5 tahun breakfast, pastu pegi kaunter suruh kira sb pelayan dia tak
    kira masa kt meja. Lepas tekan calculator, katanya bil RM35. Sy kata itu mustahil. Dia kira semula pastu bil jadi RM25…cashier kata dia memang macam tu, slalu kira salah. Tapi kau bagi jugak dia kira!!! Patutnya dah tau dia tak pandai kira, jgn bagi dia kira atau sengaja kira salah??? No komen!!! Pastu cashier kata kalau tak puashati memang boleh suruh kira balik, takkan 100 customer nak suruh diorang kira balik? Di harap Kedai Anis ni ada penambahbaikan dalam bab bab mengira ni. Ptutlah slama ni sy makan , harga macam tak munasabah je…Apa la u all ni.. Nak berniaga biar jujur, ikhlas.. Kalau nak bertambah maju, hati kena baik. Kalau kastemer tak halal, tak berkat dunia akhirat rezeki awak tu.. Fikirfikirkanlah… Yg ikhlas, rakyat biasa yg suka makan makan…

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