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So, this last weekend, our eating adventures brought us to the sleepy town of Semenyih. We wanted to go check out the Fish Valley Semenyih Restaurant, that so many people had blogged about. The last time we were here, the Fish Valley Fish Farm had barely opened. It was just a lush green spot with massive ponds waiting to be filled with fish. Now, several years later, we return and we notice that this same Fish Valley seems a little less lush, but full of people instead, fishing like there was no tomorrow.


Fish Valley Semenyih

Semenyih lies about 8km from Kajang and is connected to the famous satay town via Jalan Kajang-Semenyih and the SILK (Kajang Outer Ring Road) Highway. This small town tucked in the Hulu Langat district of Selangor has been enjoying rapid development these few years and the property boom has brought smiles to the faces of Semenyih folk, no doubt. Boom both in a good and bad way. We remembered a time, not too far back, when a food hunt cum day trip to Semenyih, was fairly affordable. We hoped that things would be the same, and we kept our fingers crossed that the Fish Valley Semenyih Restaurant would not be overpriced.


Restaurant Fish Valley Semenyih is one of those ever popular restaurant which offers both a nice laid back, weekend fishing environment as well as doubles up as a restaurant serving seafood. You can see big four wheels, vans, sedans and motorbikes a like, parked under a shady spot they have picked out for themselves, and the family sets up for the day to fish. It’s all very family oriented and fun, if you can hack the heat.


When you get to the fishing farm, you’ll have to register and pay at the front booth for a spot. There are 2 types of ponds. The first being the ponds with smaller fish – less than 3 kg fish pond and the second being the larger fish ponds – more than 3 kg fish. The small pond costs RM10 for unlimited hours of fishing and big pond costs RM20 for the same. If you want to take back the fish you have caught, you will be charge according to the weight of the fish, listed on the pricelist on the board.


tomyam.. spicy and sour like you would not believe!

So how as the food? It was actually pretty good, but pricey. The minimum price for a run of the mill steamed or deep fried fish (tilapia), was RM40. We much preferred the more affordable Broga Fish Farm , where the opening price for fish was within the RM20 – 30 range. The food otherwise was good – we had a terrific salted egg deep fried squid dish that when famously with rice, and a killer sour and spicy tomyam seafood soup that would have burned a hole through a lesser species’ stomach, but we managed to keep it down. Cumi commented that it tasted like Tomyam concentrate and we could have easily made another pot of soup with it. A deep fried egg omelet that was a pretty normal dish but fried up so well it was crispy and fluffy around the edges yet thick and full of vegetables in the center. It was a served with a terrific cincaluk sauce that was not salty at all but full of that shrimpy cincaluk aroma. I swear I could smell it on my breath for the next eight hours. Good thing my mate smelt of it too;)


salted egg deep fried squid


vegetable omelet with cincaluk sauce

Food here at the Fish Valley Semenyih is definitely overpriced. If you want to have a good Fish Farm dining experience, we would highly recommend Broga. We might not come back to this Fish Valley restaurant anytime soon, because for what it is, people are really paying way too much for average sized, regular fresh water fish. The food tastes good, but be prepared to fork out a premium for some basic dishes, if you ever dine here.


spotted and interesting way to park cars.. in Semenyih!

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PT 16367, Fish Valley Semenyih,
Sri Haneco Industrial Park,
Jalan Kachau, Semenyih,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-382 5518/ 016-278 4092


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