Top 10 Places to Visit for 2012

This week’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is my buddy and travel mentor, Simon Falvo of Wild About Travel , and she shares her Top 10 Places to Visit For Year 2012.

In the Chinese horoscope, the Dragon is a symbol of change and good fortune. I think about what kind of fortune I wish to have, and I know that it has nothing to do with money or material goods. What makes me happy and gives me a sense of fulfillment is traveling.

My friend Ciki asked me which are the Top 10 places to visit in my dream list and I took it as an opportunity to think about the journeys that I’d really like to do, in the hope that the Year of the Dragon will honor me with at least a little bit of its power!

My Top 10 dreamy places to visit, and trying my luck in the Year of the Dragon, are:

Places I’ve been, that have moved me.. the Algerian Desert

Antarctica: I love wilderness and wide spaces, I’d like to see the icebergs and their shades of blue. Antarctica is an ambitious dreams as it is far, remote and extremely expensive. But we are talking dreams, aren’t we?

South Africa: I just came back from a wonderful journey and can’t wait to go back. I fell in love with the country, the beautiful nature and the smile of the people.

The Northern Lights: I’ve seen them in hundreds of photos and every time felt the same fascination. It seems to me like a miracle of nature almost too beautiful to be true.

Mali: A country I’ve been thinking of rather often in the last few years. I’m attracted by the culture of the Dogon tribe, and the magnificent mud castles.

Cape of Good hope – Capetown

Madagascar: Once again, it’s the culture and the beauty of wilderness which makes me dream of Madagascar.

Micronesia: Being a passionate scuba diver, Micronesia is a top destination to have a marvelous underwater experience. The real issue is that the archipelago is very difficult to reach from Europe.

Canada: I’d like to sea the whales and the killer whales (gosh, how I dislike this name…), the wild landscapes, the blissful mountains and lakes and Vancouver.

The Galapagos Islands: Nature, Beauty, Biodiversity and… Diving with hammerhead sharks!

Algeria: The desert is magic. I was there a few years ago and would love to go back. This time, however, trekking in the Hoggar.

Patagonia: Again… Mountains and ice, my two favorite scenarios. And endless view to a very far horizon.


Which are the places you dream to travel to in the Year of the Dragon..?


About this week’s guest writer:
Simon is a passionate traveler, ready to throw a few things in her backpack to go and explore another little piece of our beautiful world. She loves wild, remote places but is also passionate about art and culture.
You can follow Simon on her blog Wild About Travel, on Twitter and Facebook.



  • Sean says:

    antarctica! i imagine i’d never make it there, but if you do, be sure to share your experience about it here on cumidanciki! 😀

  • John says:

    Several remote, spectacular places on this list. Madagascar sounds spectacular.

  • Leslie says:

    Wow, the Algerian desert looks amazing! I just pinned this photo on Pinterest as a “dream destination”!

  • EJ Juen Jr says:

    You have a great list here and my favorite is Madagascar. To answer the question at the bottom of your post, this year I’ve been to Hundred Islands and Baguio City. My upcoming is in Guimaras, Underground river, Palawan, and Zambales. These are all in the Philippines. 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    This photo caught my eye and I clicked on this post again. The rock formation looks just like the “hoodoos” I saw in southern Utah, in the USA, on my trip last week. It’s amazing walking among these giant, natural sculptures!

  • I have been planning to go to Russia this year, mainly to visit The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburgh. I have wanted to go there for years but my mind was made up when I saw the film ‘The Russian Ark’ – an amazing continuous one-shot film which is well worth a look.

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