Nasi Melayu Section 17


Freshly frittered bananas invite you into the shop with no name!


but with all the great Malay Hall of Fame, Star Actors of yesteryears!


The Malay rice here is terrific. Directly translated as Nasi Melayu, it is the staple food for many working Malaysians just as burgers and steaks are for the Americans or the Nasi Padang is for the Indonesians. The Malay dishes are catered for Muslim Malaysians and enjoyed by all.

This place we’ve been several times to has some of the best tasting dishes. This no name restaurant is tucked away at the corner of a building block. Its neat and clean plus there are pictures of old performing artistes hanging on the wall and a garage sale of household goods on the another side to amuse yourself with.


And apparently, not just us, but the Malaysian cops, think so too:)

They ponder long over the smorgasboard of Malay dishes. Pick too many dishes and your wallet becomes lighter.


If you are less adventurous but like things spicy, go for the egg omelet, beef rendang and spoon on a healthy amount of curry or sambal. Cumi ‘collected’ several curry sauces to test the taste and we found it great tasting. For really good tasting Malay cuisine, there can be no shortcuts – a healthy dose of spices must be added to achieve the consistency and color.


If you like taking a walk of the wild side, go for the lung, the kidneys, liver etc.. and add on a big dollop of achar (spicy pickled vegetables) for that sweet, sour and spicy kick. Oh, the mutton is a must!


The rare occasion ciki eats rice! Both plates costs less than RM15 .. nice and affordable.. just the way we like it!


Makcik says.. pay up.. thank you very much!! 

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