13 Reasons to Stay at the W Maldives

W, we have arrived!



If you’ve ever fantasized about sporting the perfect tan, like I have, (i.e. with no tan lines.. i.e. with nothing in the way – just you and the sand and sun) then, the W Retreat & Spa Maldives is your dream come true. White sand, turquoise waters, water sports, busy nights at the club or just plain luxurious seclusion – you can be as alone as you want.. or as busy as you want. Here are 13 good reasons why you should stay at the W, Maldives!


1. The Efficient “Whatever.Whenever”

Arriving at the W, we did not know what to expect. Staying at the Sheraton Maldives, had already turned out to be one of the best, top notch beach holiday getaway’s, that we have ever had, so far. Would the W top that? Well, well, talk about all the luxuries and amenities at your finger tips. The “Whatever Whenever” motto personified, to say the least. Seriously, the service and food was sensational and we found the management staff at the W to be intuitive yet fun and laid-back. They seemed to encourage creativity here and it showed in the dazzling behaviour of the staff. Having said that, the staff were also polite and unobtrusive, allowing us to enjoy the peace and beauty of the place and just soak up the fabulous ambiance.We would highly recommend this place to all our friends!


Soaring high.. W in the sky..


This could be the motto of my life..


2. The Luxurious W Waiting Room

The W Retreat & Spa Maldives, is located a wee way from the Sheraton Maldives, and it take a 25 minute seaplane ride to reach this secluded part of the Ari Atoll, by the brilliant turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Fesdu Island to be exact.. what a beachfront haven! We took the Maldivian Air Taxi which is the largest domestic carrier in the Maldives and is also one of the largest seaplane operators in the world operating over 500 flights a week during the peak tourist season. Whilst waiting for the seaplane to land, we were ushered into the super luxe W waiting room. It had everything from TV entertainment and board games to food and beverages. Talk about waiting in style!


Fly me away.. to paradise island


Atoll you.. I mean, I told you !!


3. The Grand W Reception

As the seaplane touched down, we were greeted by the W reception.. and talk about VIP treatment. Everyone from the Executive Chef to the Managers of the resort will be there to greet you with a wave, a smile and a signature welcome drink. Welcome to paradise island!


Here come the Men in White! Welcome to the W!


The tres chi chi welcome drinks at W


He contemplates the shade of azure and if he should jump in..


4. The W Ocean Villas

The villas are to die for, designed around the natural beauty of the environment, yet cool and trendy. There are amazing plunge pools, daybeds, plasma screen TVs and, Oh.. the W Signature Bed.. super comfortable! There are many different types of rooms but the ultimate is the Ocean Haven. The coolest part about these chalets are that the distinction fades between where the land ends and where the ocean begins, with a glass-panel floor that reveals ocean fauna beneath your feet, right in the center of the living room! Plunge into the over-sized infinity edge pool with bubbling Jacuzzi seats, or saunter down the lagoon access stairs and slip into the turquoise ocean. Talk about chilling out in style!


the room with a view


the room with a glass floor.. now if only I can find my glass slippers;)


for as far as the eye can see..


Ciki decides she needs to change into her bikini


Cumi says, he’s the butler we never had..

W Day 31

Soak it up!


5. The W Snorkeling , Sun Sea & Surf!

We were told not to miss the snorkeling eventhough we weren’t diving this trip. That alone was enough, as the underwater world through the snorkel lens was a breathtaking wonderland, teaming with live coral and fish. There was also plenty of opportunity to sunbathe at Wet pool deck and de-stress at the innovative Away Spa. Both me and cumi worked up a sweat and appetite, every morning at the Sweat fitness center before breakfast. This was one of our favourite gyms on this holiday, as it had a state-of-the-art Technogym. Breakfast at Kitchen is quite a feast, and that’s why the early morning work out! And as if breakfast is not enough, there are plenty of “sweet-spots” around the island for you to gorge on ice-cream and cool off with wet towels, should the need arise due to your oh-so-hectic snorkeling and diving schedule.


” This must be underwater love
The way I feel it slipping all over me
This must be underwater love
The way I feel it..


O que que é esse amor d’água
Deve sentir muito parecido a esse amor

This is it
Underwater love
It is so deep
So beautifully liquid

Esse amor com paixão , ai
Esse amor com paixão, ai que coisa!


After the rain comes sun
After the sun comes rain again
After the rain comes sun
And after the sun comes rain again
After the rain comes sun
After the sun comes rain again ” – Underwater Love by Smoke City


sunbathe at Wet pool deck..


or, be spotted by the paparazzi!


6. The W Spa


de-stress at the innovative Away Spa


have every ache..


rubbed from every tired muscle..


7. The W Sweet Spot!


Or, if you have nothing better to do, after a swim.. hit the “Sweet-spot” for some Magnum! Dial “Whatever.Whenever” for a good time!


Ciki is fixated with the “whatever.whenever” at your fingertips!


8. The W Yoga Sessions

Later in the evenings, we set our lusty appetites a-Fire again by trying out Yoga by the ocean. These sessions that start at 6pm and go on for about an hour are brilliant. They are complementary too. Then really, on to Fire, – for the barbecue of a lifetime with terrific meats that can be prepare Maldivian style, or whatever way you choose to have it. On a separate occasion, we dined at Fish – a more fine dining style restaurant, based on fresh seafood prepared in the open kitchen. The food at Fish is faultless. No night is complete without hanging out at the unique Fifteen Below bar, and listening to the DJ spin his cool tunes.


tranquility at sunset


9. The W Gastronomic Experience!


Ciki sets the night on.. FIRE! BBQ time!


Fire up, at FIRE!


Fire breathing monkey


10. The W Chef !


Chef Mauro cooks up a storm at Fish


What fabulous Seafood Risotto .. oceanic bliss!


11. The W Cocktails


Cocktails at Fish – the Fish Signature!




12. The W Sunsets


Gorgeous sunset .. a common sight every evening at the W


13. The W Clubbing Scene


Party the night away..


At Fifteen Below!


Shots glasses fashioned out of ice – quick drink up before the glass melts! International DJ spin their cool ‘choons’ at Fifteen below. The W Hotels and burn studios DJ Lab has a fantastic initiative for training and mentoring emerging DJs as well.


Just you, the sand and sun, and a martini glass. The W Retreat & Spa Maldives is my dream come true!


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W Resort and Spa,
Fesdu Island
North Ari Atoll,
Republic of Maldives,
Phone: (960) 666 2222

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