Steamboat at Elegant Inn

Imagine our amazement when we were told that Elegant Inn now offers steamboat for dinner. Not just any old sort of steamboat, but rather high quality ingredients, that go with an equally fantastic stock. Most of the time, I try to slink low and avoid eye contact when someone suggests steamboat for dinner. I find all that palaver, sweating over small morsels of less than fresh ingredients, a real pain in the derriere! And what’s worse is, just 2 hours later, you’re famished again.

Not so at Elegant Inn. I was rejoicing that the meal carried me well into the next morning and I didn’t even feel hungry at breakfast. For those who hate to sweat over their steamboat (such as I), Elegant Inn is super comfortable and the air-conditioning is cranked up, so you really get to enjoy your steamboat without sitting in a pool of your own sweat. To tantalize you further, let me show you what we had for steamboat that night at Elegant Inn..


appetiser of crabmeat, fresh salmon and handmade noodles in a lemon parsley dressing


So how does one go about ordering the steamboat? Well, a good recommendation for four people would be the RM268++ set, with each additional person at RM68++. This set has a Chilled Twin Fungus Salad appetizer, plus a choice of one other dish — Cheesy Radish Stick, Homemade Tofu, Japanese Pumpkin or Fried Organic Oyster Mushrooms. If you ask me, it feeds more like five people, so you should have ample ingredients to fill your stomach if you are a family of four.


Being Jeanette’s guest, she decided for us that we would have two types of soup on the table – one was the traditional Pork Bone Soup, and the other, a Parsley and Century Egg Chicken Stock.You could also choose to have a Peppercorn Radish Chicken Soup or a Fish Stock for soup. All these can be ordered straight off the menu. Both the ones we had that night were equally good. The pork soup was sweater but if you need a non- pork version, the Century Egg Chicken soup was delicious too!


tray of condiments — chilli oil, shallot oil, fried garlic, raw garlic, spring onion and cili padi


So what went into our steamboat? We had a spectacular selection of Kurobuta pork, Australian organic beef short rib, sea crystal prawns, garoupa slices, local mud crab, fish maw, marinated chicken thigh meat, cuttlefish pork balls, mussels, scallops, watercress dumplings, and a deluxe plate of eight different vegetables, including tofu. Talk about high end steamboat – the meats made the soup taste even sweeter and after about an hour, the stock took on a delightful murky color. This is really the best part about enjoying a steamboat – the point where your soup turns into a rich, deep broth of meaty goodness! The flavour is hard to top.


Look at the presentation of the live garoupa – isn’t it marvellous. The fish slices are laid out for the steamboat while the bones are deepfried in a chiu yim (salt, pepper and chilli) seasoning, to be eaten later. Those were equally tasty.


giving you the “fish-eye”..


I loved the homemade meatballs ! 


The organic beef short rib, the mussels, scallops and fish maw which we had, are not included in the RM248 set, but you can order them a la carte. Jeanette was just being generous with us;)


Just a light dunking will suffice. The food is so fresh, you don’t need to overcook it..


Ciki’s favourite meatballs..


fu chok nachos.. what a fabulous creation!

Finally, if the Special set still does not meet your needs, check out the Deluxe Lobster Set, priced at RM488++ for 4 persons, with RM128 per extra person. You actually get a whole live Boston Lobster for this set, the Chilled Twin Fungus Salad, and a choice of either Sweet and Sour Crunchy Pork Cheek Slices, Crispy Softshell Crab with light and Spicy Sauce, Golden Fried Japanese Oysters or HK Tofu and Silver fish. You also get a house dessert plus Banana Red Bean Pancake at the end of it.

Wow, this really is the rolls royce of steamboats. Have I tantalized you enough.. ? Best head on down to Elegant Inn then;)



Elegant Inn,
2.01, 2nd Floor, Podium Block,
Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03-2070 9399
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