Where did I put my Golden Phoenix?

The fundementals of a perfect dimsum experience are these.. a comfortable dining hall, large buzzing crowds including multigenerational Chinese families all seated and crammed into one huge table, gathered around a big, lazy susan, and everyone talks at the top of their voices and has something better to say than the next person. A silence hush falls only when they hear the sound of dimsum being served piping hot, straight from the kitchen or via a clattering processional of multitiered carts groaning under the weight of a kaleidoscopic variety of dimsum trays.

Ah yes, these are all the things that make my toes curl in delight, with regards to dimsum. Dimsum is a definitely a historical evolution of yumcha, a traditional Chinese practice of getting together over a light meal and drinking tea, and just basically breaking bread and asking your friend or loved one, “Is it well, with your soul?”. As time has passed, this “breaking of bread” has taken on a more sophisticated form, transforming into a full blown meal commonly consumed late morning to mid-afternoon. The geographic center for dimsum dining is Hong Kong of course, but the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore have caught on fast and the quality of dimsum now a days, whilst not as earth-shatteringly divine as the ones from Hong Kong, are possibly, a close second. Well only a handful pass the test anyway. Here is one. And today, we talk about another good example, here at Golden Phoenix.


Steamed Mini Buns with black sesame filling


Chef Yau Kim Yew – the man, with the plan.. and the power of dimsum!

Equatorial Dimsum at Golden Phoenix

From the Top (clockwise) – Eye of Phoenix, Steamed Crystal Vegetarian Dumplings, Steamed Mini Buns with black sesame filling

Equatorial Dimsum at Golden Phoenix1

Top L – R (Clockwise) – Deep-fried Prawn Balls with Cheese in Thai Sauce, Deep-fried Glutinuous Skin Puffs, Deep-fried Beancurd Rolls with Prawns and Cheese

Equatorial Dimsum at Golden Phoenix2

From the Top (clockwise) Double-Boiled Wantan in Seaweed Soup, Steamed Beancurd with Prawns, Pork Dumpling with Crabmeat

Equatorial Dimsum at Golden Phoenix3

And my favourites from the dimsum selection were – the Deep-fried Sesame Ball stuffed with Shredded Coconut, the Baked Barbeque Pork Buns and last but not least, the Deep-fried Glutinuous Skin Puffs!


The key enticement is a surprisingly vast, varied and value-priced repertoire. Virtually all of the three-piece dishes range in price from RM8 – RM12. The chart-topper amongst the dimsum range that we had would have to be, the lovely gooey, spheres of Deep-fried Sesame Ball stuffed with Shredded Coconut as well as the Deep-fried Glutinuous Skin Puffs with a savoury meat filling in it. The Steamed Beancurd with Prawns and Pork Dumpling with Crabmeat were delicious too. Those who love their soups should not give up the opportunity to try the Double-Boiled Wantan in Seaweed Soup which turned out to be a lovely crunchy prawn wantan in a light, clear, seaweed broth. It is indeed well, with my soul.


Equatorial Dimsum at Golden Phoenix4

L – R (clockwise) Chilled Mango with Special Kway Teow, Durian Pancake

Just when you think Dimsum Chef has pulled out all the stops, he presents a cute and innovative dessert called the Chilled Mango Kwey Teow dish. What, you may ask, is kwey teow, a savory flat rice noodle, doing in a dessert like this. Well, the kwey teow noodles are in fact, not noodles, but rather a mock noodle made from thin Japanese milky jelly sheets. They are sweet and slippery and silky on the palate. I heart the mango dessert!

I don’t eat durian so I skipped this dessert but I heard it was terrific;)


Crispy Soft Shell Crab Prosperity Salad (RM38 per portion, good for 2-4 persons)

As if to counter all that animal fat and lard, salad is served…


Peking Duck and Prawn Crackers

But then, only briefly because it’s back to animal fat and lard again!


One of the nicest Peking ducks I have had in a while. Slather on your plum sauce, arranged all your greens such as the the pickled radish, carrot, cucumber, sprigs of spring onion etc.. and roll it all up in a pancake wrap. I ate just one like that, i.e. in the form of a pancake, then I proceeded to eat the entire lot as only duck skin on prawn cracker! I mean, why waste stomach space.. just cut to the chase I always say.

So there you have it. Golden Phoenix and the lovely dimsum spread. Be sure to check it out.


Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant
Lobby Level
Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161-7777
email: [email protected]
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  • Aahh! I am drooling over the keyboard. Dim Sum is seriously my biggest weakness in the culinary world. No joke.

  • iamthewitch says:

    What do you mean you don’t eat durian?? I thought we had that durian chocolate cake together? Hehe.. Anyway I haven’t had nice dim sum in ages! The mango dessert kuey teow looks similar to the ones we had from My Honeymoon. Oh do they serve pork here too?

  • Sean says:

    Crispy Soft Shell Crab Prosperity Salad … sounds like a non-chinese new year version of yee sang! hope you all tossed it high in the air too 😀

  • After reading this post I felt like I was catapulted back to my days roaming around Melaka and George Town. I enjoyed the best dim sum in my entire life (even better than Hong Kong). Now that I’m back home in Canada for the summer I can only dream of such delicious delights. Thanks for such a great post and captivating photos.

  • Isaac Tan says:

    The buns looks so perfectly rounded. Wow. Peking duck is one of my favourite chinese delicacy, and I can see the slices here are really nice.

  • lara dunston says:

    Oh, yum! Great post! Love dim sum! The first piece of publishing travel writing I ever did for a book was on Yum Cha – that was more years ago than I can remember! – but the ritual has always had a special place in my heart and stomach. Used to be one of our favourite things to do on a Sunday in Sydney. You’ve made me hungry now! 🙂

  • Sarah Wu says:

    Girl, I just had dimsum on Sunday but there’s not bun with black sesame filling. I want that!!

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