Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant

Some tips on crab hunting..

Always look your prey in the eye,


And never look away for a minute..


When the food arrives, check that you’ve left no claw unturned..


After giving it the thumbs up,


Hammer away ..spare no claw..

Super Carb Aroma Restuarant1-1

Worse comes to worse, just use your hands and your teeth…


Ah, tis finger and claw lickin good!


The signage outside the restaurant looks like it has seen better days. “Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant” it says. Instead of a front door, the entrance is a sliding glass panel and as I make my way inside, I cannot help but wonder, how on earth I could have missed such a strange and aged looking restaurant right in the vicinity of my work place in PJ.


salted egg crabs

Still the place is comfortable enough with airconditioning inside. A desirable feature seeing as we are about to sweat buckets in a minute.


sweet, sour spicy crabs

Oh yes, the surroundings are challenging indeed but none of these, though, compare in sheer man-versus-beast slopfest to the sweet spicy Crab—a bowl of deep, murky, bright-red chili sauce out of which several crab legs and thick claws protrude. You enter the battle armed with two-pronged stainless steel picks, extra napkins, a small version of a chopping board and something that looks like a square metal hammer. A plastic bag is placed on the chopping board for you to insert your crab claw, so you can smash the hell out of the shell, without getting bright orange sauce all over your nice Armani shirt as well as your neighbours. And if that is insufficient artillery for you, do what the boys did.. just use your God given enamels and go at it like a caveman. As you suck the life out of your crab like a lost soul, with guilty chili-stained hands,try not to look too deranged like you have just committed some gruesome murder but couldn’t remember how or why.


Crab porridge

Crossing over to the tranny side has never been quite this fun. We were told that this particular porridge gleams with a beautiful yellow hue, due to the roe from a rather “confused” crab. All the crabs you see above are from Sabah but this particular one used for the porridge is a “He-She” crab. The design on the body of the crab indicates that it possesses both female and male organs, making it a rarity and highly delicious.

Anyway, all we can say is that this restaurant is a food-focused, soup-slurping, crab-leg-sucking kind of place. It is a gem in its own way—and ours.



Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant,
(shoplots outside Mutiara Apartments, next to Wong Poh)
40 Jalan BM 1/2, Taman Bukit Mayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
603 7880 9793
Business hours 12 – 3pm ,  6 – 11pm
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