Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion & the Songkran Festival

Firstly, Happy Songkran to all our Thai readers! This year we celebrated the festival of water, just last weekend, at Erawan with the owners of this fine Thai restaurant. The food and company was superb.


Lotus Flower Petal Salad

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Lotus Flower Petal Salad

The reason why I am hooked on Erawan is because the Thai food here is just exquisite. The Chef cooks personally for you, one table at a time and even hand picks and hand carries back to Malaysia, the freshest ingredients from Thailand. The fine detail in the food and presentation makes my heart skip a beat. Can you bring yourself to eat such gorgeous looking food!


jasmine garlands

Anyway, we had a lovely time at the Songkran party they threw over the weekend. A big thank you to Jo-anne, Anan and Chef Korn for the invite.


Introductions by Jo-anne, Anan and Chef Korn


Pandan Leaf Wrapped Salmon


Banana Spring Rolls


Khanom Jeen or Thai Laksa


Hor Mok Talay or Thai Otak Otak


Tod Man Pla or Thai Fish Cakes


Nam Prik Kaapi or Sambal Belacan served with various condiments


Special Stuffed Chicken, which is then battered and deepfried


Yam Hoi Kraeng or Cockles Salad


Tempura Papaya Salad with Somtam Sauce


Special Dry Curry Catfish


Australian Beef and Thai Eggplant Salad


Cod with Lotus Stem Soup


Stewed Banana with Coconut Milk


Black Rose Ice Cream


Sago and Red Bean Dessert

Well, Chef Korn is not only a great cook, he is also an artist, specializing in acrylic painting, art collection and trading. His fine handy work is apparent throughout Erawan restaurant, giving it a lovely ambiance that makes this place so dazzlingly unique. Currently, Chef Korn has managed to bring the urban taste of Bangkok’s best dining to this part of the world, situated in a nook in Kota Damansara. His mantra is simple. “cooking by tasting” – not just blindly following recipes. Also, do remember that at Erawan, you need to make reservations and do some pre-ordering, before you come to the restaurant. The reason why this is so, is because most traditional Thai dishes require a great deal of preparation with regards to the ingredients. What this pre-ordering also means is that, all the ingredients for the dishes are freshly cut in preparation minutes before the diners arrive. Chef Korn likes to cook each table at a time – such is his dedication!


Erawan Thai Restaurant
No.22-1, Jalan PJU 5/16,
Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel/Fax: + 603-614-123-93
Email: [email protected]


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