Where the Streets have no name..

What is it about Malaysian Street food that I am so proud of? Is it the fact that I can eat any-time of the day, even after a late night out and it’s midnight, but the streets are still thumping with food vendors flipping a “Roti” or an old man frying up a Hokkien Noodle? Is it the fact that the food is passed down from Grandpa to Son and sometimes even to grandson? Or is it for the simple fact that I have to be proud.. I need to be proud in order to make sure that such an important part of my heritage, my Malaysian culture never fades?

I think all of the above!

S0 it is with great pride that we were recently asked to be partners in crime with Friedchillies, in the “Love Your Street Food Campaign” , which was aimed at giving recognition to street food vendors and their lore. According to Friedchillies, Street Food is something that deserves your attention, your votes and a place in their very own Hall of Fame.. and we totally agree!

The LOVE your street Food campaign ran from the 1st October 2010 to 30th November 2010. This weekend the Winners for the Annual Foodsters’ Awards were announced at a cozy little restaurant that serves Malay food, called Wau Penyu. Prior to this event, all Malaysian food bloggers, foodies  and just anybody who cares about Malaysian Streetfood were called to vote on the website and here are the winners!

And the WINNERS for each Category are:

Love Your Street Food6

Best Kopitiam – Yut Kee
Best Nasi Lemak – Village Park


Best Banana Leaf – Kanna Curry House
Best Assam Laksa – O&S

Love Your Street Food1

Best Chicken Rice – Satellite
Best Char Kwey Teow – Auntie Gemuk

Love Your Street Food

Best Goreng Pisang/Banana Fritters – SS2 (Lyrical Lemongrass demonstrates how to eat the Banana!)

Best Maggi Goreng – Steven’s Corner

Love Your Street Food4

Love Your Street Food5

Best Crab – Fatty Crab
Best Roti Canai – Valentine’s

Love Your Street Food2

Best Satay – O Mulia
Best Street Burger – OM


Sweet endings


Goreng Pisang SS2 comes to Wau Penyu!

Love Your Street Food3

Massive congratulations to the Friedchillies Team for doing such and AWESOME job! We are proud to be Malaysian!

Wau Penyu,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 6207 9177

Google Maps


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