One day, as Ciki was reading stuff on the Internet, she found.. something that described herself and the company she kept, to a Tee.

THERE, in the Urban Dictionary, it was written:

1. Bacon or Pork Lovers:

n. People who are infatuated with everything and anything pork related.. and think that anytime of the day, is a good time of the day, for bacon/pork. They tend to eat pork more often than the average person and in larger quantities than the average person.

“There are only two kinds of people in this world, those who love bacon.. and those who love bacon but won’t admit it.”


2. Baconiphany

a sudden, intuitive perception of a new recipe with bacon as an ingredient, usually initiated by hunger and followed by intense need to perceive the scent of bacon.

“I had a baconiphany. I had the pizza place add bacon as a topping, on top of my pork pizza!”

3. Bacontopia

1) A realm in which the streets are paved with, the fruit of the trees are, and the very air is filled with bacon; a baconlover‘s paradise
2) A euphoric, nearly orgasmic state a person can be in after consuming the perfect amount of bacon with their meal
1) “I had the dream again: I was in bacontopia and it was awesome!”
2) There was so much bacon on my pizza… was in bacontopia!

Finally, our own classification, coined once upon a time, by the famous @hairyberry – I think it is even a club you can join on the web..

4. Babitarian

A person who is 100% of NO.1 , is constantly plagued by NO.2 and would sooner sell his soul than ever utter under duress that NO.3 does not exist.

SUCH is the adoration and dedication of the true Babitarian.


Presenting the Babitarians.


Mr Photographer was busy and missing from the shot.

Anyway, which ever way you look at it.. this is one sexy pig. And the pig at Adhog really rocks our world. Here is some Monday Food Porn to ease the harangued mind and remind you that when you are feeling down.. reach for the pig.


Roast Pork with Homemade Sauerkraut RM39

The creamiest, most buttery, most crispy cut of roast pork to ever go with some superb homemade sauerkraut. My favourite dish of the day!


Chicken Pogs RM49


Don’t be deceived .. them chicken pogs are Chicken in Pig’s clothing.

Yup, wrapped up in gorgeous bacon. Eat it and weep.


Pork Shoulder Steak RM39

This was a bit dry, but the salted olive oil did perfectly well as a dip for the boiled sweet potato sticks (Boolicious of Masak-masak as hand model).


Babi Guling – that famous dish from Bali RM16.90

Delicious herbs, sambal and rice.. but the Pork could have been fattier. Us Babitarians can never be satisfied unless it is creamy with fat, I tell ya.


Prosciutto pizza RM39


Rum Ice Cream – heavy on the Rum! RM12


The most amazing, addictive Carrot Cake – by Pureglutton (she takes orders via her website;))


This is what I’m talking about! Rich, dense , full of carrots and nuts but not too sweet at all.

Recently Updated

Adhog.. satisfaction guaranteed.. look at them smiley faces (thanks @nigelskelchy for the photo.. sam can kill me later:P)


And finally, the cat that caught the canary.. look at that smile.. Min was totally chuffed she got the Angku to take home.. again, by Pureglutton’s Angkoos Galore. What are you waiting for, go get some!

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