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Happy #TravelTuesday! Here is a lovely lady and friend from Toronto, Janice who has been there, done that.. and well, has probably out-traveled many of us. Here is her post on Photos that Inspire her to travel!

Some people may be very specific about what inspires them to travel. If asked to present photos that inspire them they might all be of landscapes, coral reefs for diving, or food, markets and wineries. Everyone is inspired by different things. But some of us are inspired by many things.

For this guest posts I took a quick scan of my pictures to give you a broad cross-section of what inspires me to travel.

Here is my Travel Tip..

morning sunrise over ocean and islands

Seeing the sunrise in different locations inspires me to travel. This view is from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA.

View of ancient city on mountain

History definitely inspires me to travel. This is a view of Morella, Spain. A city thousands of years old. Fascinating.

Three international Students

I have had international students stay with me a number of times. Learning about their home countries and seeing their enthusiasm for new things inspires me to travel.

mountains rockies utah

Views like this on in the Rocky Mountains of Utah inspire me to travel.

two boys tired after a canoe trip

Picking up two of my sons after they've spent a week canoeing Algonquin Park inspires me to travel close to home.

concert rockers

Being a part of scenes like this one at the FIB Music Festival in Benicassim, Spain is energizing and inspires me to travel.

ocean sunset

Enjoying sunsets like this one in the British Virgin Islands inspires me to travel.

About this week’s guest writer

janice_waughJanice Waugh is a contributor, editor and publisher of Solo Traveler, a blog offering solo travel tips, stories, destinations and insights. She recently published a FREE eBook: GLAD YOU’RE NOT HERE: a solo traveler’s manifesto. She is also co-founder of the Global Bloggers Network and the Toronto organizer of Meet Plan Go.

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