Me & Jimmy

If there is one thing I love more than bags,

it’s shoes.

And there is nothing I love more, than a great pair ,

of Jimmy Choo’s.

Of course, I like the man, Jimmy himself too.


See? Ciki & Jimmy.

We go like stockings and shoes.

Foot Facts:

Fact 1: All girls need to own at least ONE pair of Jimmy’s in their lifetime. Boyfriends/Husbands/S.friends take heed!

Fact 2: Dato’ Jimmy Choo, born Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat, is a Malaysian fashion designer based in London, United Kingdom. He is best known for founding Jimmy Choo Ltd that became known for its hand-made women’s shoes.

Fact 3: Jimmy is good friends with many celebs, the most famous singer being Madonna. Madonna referred to Manolo Blahnik shoes as being “better than sex,” but it was a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that she wore on her wedding day.

Fact 4: One of Jimmy’s clients was the late Princess Diana. She was scheduled to return for a pair of newly designed and completed gold pumps, the evening she had that unfortunate car accident. Till today, Jimmy has kept those shoes in the same box, for sentimental reasons.

Shoe Mantra and fact 5: Chant it long enough and you will own one. Jimmy Choo’s, Manolo Blahnik’s, Christian Louboutin’s … ohm.. ohm..ohm ..


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