Movie Review – Up in the Air

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Ryan Bingham is a corporate downsizing expert (i.e. he is employed by companies to FIRE people) and he is also a frequent flyer miles collector freak. Because he travels so much in the course of his work,  he is on the road to reaching ten million frequent flyer miles and having no wife, kids nor any other personal commitments, this is his life’s GOAL. On one of the trips he meets the frequent-traveler woman of his dreams.

The film has been lauded for being very ‘of the moment’ in its treatment of massive corporate layoffs, but where it truly shines is how it details the importance of a personal touch. Where Thank You For Smoking was a bit too over the top and Juno too wordy, Up In The Air perfectly combines witty dialogue with real emotion effectively.

Cumi loved it and so did I. We found Up in the Air, funny, uplifting and tragic all at the same time. What we liked best was the unconventional love story and the twist at the end. The “bad guy” turned out to be an angel all along.. and the devil was in sheep’s clothing! LOL. Go watch it. Totally brilliant.


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