Movie Review: Adam 2009

Tis the season of love!

Henceforth, a ballad to pull at your heartstrings from the movie Adam.

[audio:/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/When-You-Find-Me.mp3|titles=When You Find Me]

Send or stalk(!) your Valentine with this tune!

Joshua Radin rekindles and ignites our spirit with his signature sound that has blessed several movies/sitcoms such as Scrubs and Garden State.

If you want to overdose on the love spirit this auspicious month of Feb, buy the soundtrack then play in repeat at all Chinese reunions and get togethers! Just don’t invite us.. 😛

Storyline:Adam is a gifted inventor who has difficulty integrating/socializing due to a form of Autism known as, Asperger’s Syndrome. He meets and falls in love with his neighbour Beth. Their implausible and enigmatic relationship reveals just how far two people from different realities can stretch in search of an extraordinary connection.

A great movie, even if you are not one half of a couple! Highly recommended by C & C ..


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