SS3 Curry Ngau Lam Mee @ Kean Fatt, Petaling Jaya

DSC07535This SS3 corner coffee shop rocks for cheap, good hawker food. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I am talking about Kean Fatt that is located at  SS3/59E , Petaling Jaya. This place is famous for the pork mee. Read more about that Pork Noodle on Masak-masak and KYspeaks.

DSC07532Apart from the Pork Mee, Cumi and ciki particularly love the Curry Ngau Lam (Curry Beef Brisket) mee-hoon noodles here. We  like the fact that this shop is unconventional and you can ask to have the beef noodle in the curry soup instead of the normal beef stock soup. We love the way, this uncle’s slow cooking of the brisket, breaks down the collagen in the connective muscle tissues to achieve that addictive tenderness. I am referring to that nice  mixture of sensations where some pieces have a melt in your mouth succulence and yet some pieces give you that added fight and chewiness. Some shops serve hard/tough meat and we find that a real put off.  The curry is strong, greasy and incredibly tasty.

DSC07534The Char Mee (Fried noodles) is not bad either. It has enough of ‘Wok hei’ (smoky wok aroma) to clinch the deal. They are generous with their prawns that are of a decent size and really crunchy to the bite.

Restoran Kean Fatt,
Lorong SS3/59E
Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor


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