Kedai Makanan Chef Tam @ Selayang – the Sunshine Chicken Experience

I always used to think that a Chicken was pretty much a chicken and not on my top list of must eat meats. Heck, give me  succulent beef, gamy lamb or even porky pig any day.

However, just last week, I learned more about chicken than I have  in my entire life  and here are some interesting facts about the bird. Chickens today are ‘manufactured’ through accelerated growth processes, pumped with growth enhancers and fed antibiotics to make sure that it grows up big and fast with a better yield of meat. This unnatural speeding up of the life cycle, can actually bring the chicken to maturity in a short period of 36 days – unnatural and unhealthy indeed. When tested, some studies have shown that these engineered chicken have high levels of toxins in them. Needless to say, when these high profit yielding chicks make it to the markets , they get consumed by adults and children alike. Ignorance has often made us oblivious to the levels of nutrition or even toxins present in our diet. Eating expensive supermarket food, does not make it any less toxic if the source is compromised.

Anyway organic chicken are of the highest quality, where the  living conditions, right down to the grain fed are strictly controlled using only natural means of farming. However, not all the feed available in Malaysia can be organic in nature and as such, the next best thing is the free range Chicken. Free range is a method of farming where chicken are allowed to roam freely instead of being contained. This free-range method is preferred over mass farming of chicken because it is less stressful on the chicken and therefore, the chicken ends up producing less or close to no toxins at all. Just think of it as ‘chick on holiday’.. happy, carefree and toxin free! Anyway, all this I learned from one Mr Gerald d’Cruz of the Kuala Lipis Sunshine Chicken farm. An extremely intelligent entrepreneur and also the person from whom we got this invite to lunch, via Babe in the City KL. So, on to the lunch.

Firstly, a quick tour of  Jin Chwan, the famous seafood wholesaler, just next door to Chef Tam’s. I think they like us to see just how fresh our food is before we consume it.

Alaskan King Crab. I can see why it’s called the king. All I can say is that your pockets better be deep, to eat this baby here on a regular basis. For the meal, as well as for your Cardiologist.

Just a spoonful of lemon makes the oyster go down, in the most delightful way. Ask Cumi, as he only just got the hang of eating this slithery slippery morsel. Pacific oysters.. metallic, sweet and engorged .. outstanding.

A capon is a castrated cockerel and this was the pièce de résistance that us hungry bloggers were gathered here for. After caponisation, you will find the feel of the cock’s meat tender and less stringy. I think what this means is that you get a more female-like texture in the meat – i.e. softer, fattier and more plump. As with the human species, the male tends to have testosterone that makes the man harder. Muscle, I mean. You can see from the photo above that the skin yellow and thick. It has in fact, got a really ‘crunchy’ texture. Strange but completely delectable! Sunshine Chicken rocks.

The rest of the following dishes, were just a result of  Chef Tam showing off. Man, I love it when a great Chef shows off and I am participating in the food! The deep sea grouper, not too large nor small with a fantastic flaky texture and sweetness in flesh that cries out ‘alive and swimming just a second ago’.

The normal, uncastrated, free range roast chicken was delicious but paled in comparison with the castrated cock. Lovely wobbly tofu – not a term I want to hear from the guy standing behind me at Kickboxing sparring, for sure;)

Dessert was the black as night, guai lin gou with a generous amout of fruit cocktail. An excellent end to the meal.

If you would like to know more about the Sunshine chicken, kindly contact Mr Gerald d’Cruz at 012-2085590 or visit

If you would like to eat at Chef Tam’s here is the address:
6A Jalan Bidara 2/4 Taman Bidara, Selayang
Opening Hours:
Daily, lunch (11.30am-2.30pm);
dinner (6pm-10.30pm)
Phone: 03-61388751
Non – Halal

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