Rice Cafe @ Bangsar, KL

Rice Cafe..

we go here to eat rice!

Rice Cafe
The set is extremely affordable. Set Nasi Lemak is just under RM10 but the best thing about this is the accompanying crispy, sizzling, freshly fried, FRIED chicken!

For variety, try the lemongrass fried chicken – the herbs are superb.. so good you end up eating the skin first (as in the picture above).

Rice Cafe1
This place is also famous for their assam laksa. I am not normally a fan of the assam laksa because I find most assam soups in KL thin, lacking in fish and taste.
The Assam Laksa soup at Rice Cafe is so thick you can do a head-stand on it:P

Add the ‘har-ko'(black prawn paste) and take the flavour up a notch.

Most excellent.

Finally, wash whatever remnants of grease away with the sour-sweet calamansi…,

..because you will need it once you have finished guzzling your assam laksa sauce!

Rice Cafe,
Lorong Maarof,


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