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Apparently the Canadian Embassy closes at 4.00 pm sharp these days (even though the website says 4.30 pm). Anyway, it was obvious that a quick fuss free lunch was in order. Besides, taking half day leave meant only being able to get into the heart of town, at the earliest, 2.00 pm which didn’t leave us much time really.

Since one of our all time favourite restaurants Fukuya was just around the corner, it didn’t take long for Cumi to convince me to eat there.

Below is the Fuku-fuku Lunch – RM38.00 (you get a choice of two main dishes PLUS all the trimmings… a steal really!)



DSC01886 DSC01885

The Fuku-fuku lunch is great for Executives on the go. Fast, convenient, healthy (i.e. low in grease therefore no snoozing off at the P.C.) and above all tasty! Here you see the choice of 2 side dishes being the Salmon and the Cod which came with an appetizer, salad, steamed egg, custard, rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert. For me, it’s always a tough one deciding between the Lunch Set and the Kaiseki.

The main difference I would say is that the Kaiseki is daintier in presentation and more refined in taste. Price wise, the Kaiseki would make a bigger dent in the wallet as well.

Below is the Sushi Kaiseki Set – RM70.00

Kaiseki originates from the Japanese 16th century tea ceremony and celebrates the seasons using only fresh, natural and local ingredients (in our case, imported la, from Japan:P). It is extremely posh. The Rolls-Royce of Japanese.

In other words, in authentic Japanese cuisine, the craft’s highest art from is, Kaiseki. You will not find Kaiseki on a conveyor belt in OH! Sushi.. never.

Anyway, the first platter arrives. Kaiseki is a meal of courses, consisting of a number of small dishes: steamed dishes, simmered dishes, and grilled dishes. It often includes sliced raw fish (sashimi), sushi, grilled fish, soup, rice and so on.
DSC01917 DSC01916

The basic kaiseki course served includes one kind of soup and three kinds of vegetable dishes. In addition it also typically comes with a cup of clear soup called hashiarai (which means washing chopsticks), a plate called hassun, which presents a few kinds of vegetables and seafood and pickles called konomono. Although each dish holds only a small serving, it’s good to take your time to eat, being sure to ENJOY the presentation of the food and the atmosphere of your surroundings, your partner.. your neighbour’s partner… 😛



Hmmmm, maybe I picked the wrong day to linger over my Kaiseki afterall…
Luckily for us, the staff was also getting ready to call it an afternoon and our dishes arrived relatively fast!

One look at my gorgeous, gorgeous dessert and I was glad I still had time(and space) to finish it..
Actually my dessert kind of reminded me of a Geisha. Porcelain white face with red kissable rosebud lips (or strawberry red lips as the case may be…) Oh, all right.. enough day-dreaming… many more chores to finish before the clock strikes four.

Verdict: The Kaiseki – Overall the food was good but there was nothing outstanding about the simmer dishes. If I was looking out for flavours I had not encountered, vegetables I didn’t recognize or freshness of ingredients that bowled me over, then I was a little disappointed. Having said that, this was still an incredibly satisfying experience.. just not.. the best! (Kyoto is the best for Kaiseki.. but that’s like too far to go for lunch isn’t it.)

Verdict: The Fuku-fuku Lunch – Very reasonable and highly recommended. Japanese in fine dining surroundings does not come any cheaper!

Finally, Fukuya Jalan Delima is actually starting to look a little run-down. We noticed that the paint on the walls were starting to flake and crumble. Exposed corridors were used as storage space for unused chairs and tables. Well, if you want to enjoy the Kaiseki experience in the newer branch, One Bangsar has a Fukuya (Erm, no.. actually scratch that.. just heard via comments from SEAN and JOE .. and now FBB , that Fukuya Bangsar has closed down. Times truly are bad).

Let’s hope the surviving Fukuya survives a little longer so you can check out their Kaiseki, if you haven’t already… 😉

Fukuya Japanese Restaurant,
9A Jalan Delima,
55100 KL.
Tel: 603 -2144 1022

The Value for Money Fuku-Fuku Lunch:6.5/10
MSG levels: low
Sodium levels: moderate

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  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    alamak.. another Japanese review again. must resist.. must resist!!!

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    i think the bangsar sudah tak ada…

    quite cheap hor..can impress without cringing at the bill..

    even cheaper when u compare to kyoto la…

  • Sean says:

    fukuya at one bangsar seems to have closed down. hopefully the one on jalan delima survives, cos you’re right … it’s a great place!

  • Life for Beginners says:

    Must contribute to continued existence of Fukuya via frequent consumption of their Kaiseki sets… whenever the wallet allows, that is. 😛

  • Precious Pea says:

    I always thought Fukuya is an expensive place but seems pretty reasonable.

  • jasmine says:

    seriously, don’t think i can ever get sick of japanese cuisine. but this one is a bit out of the way for me…

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    somebody needs a jap fix:P

    cheers.. have updated!

    but this year is gonna be SLOW i tell ya.. everybody tightening belts !

  • fatboybakes says:

    fukuya bangsar closed down long time ago liao ler…
    canadian high comm? migrating ah? (hangon, is canada commonwealth? embassy or high comm)

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    I can’t… Jenn can’t take Jap food right now. Have to wait for at least 2 months…

  • worldwindows says:

    I think the returns are more when funds are used to open a new branch than to do a complete make-over for a tired and jaded premise but still remains a cash cow! Why fix it when it not broken:)

  • AsianFoodGallery says:

    the dragon fruit look so delicious…

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    i wonder why the close the bangsar one branch. the food there is good and the service also very good! hmmmm, never tried this one yet…

    at RM40, i think the kaiseki set is worth the money la. i remember it used to be RM50 at bangsar, if i’m not wrong.

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yea… too bad i didn’t get to go!

    oh yar! no raw fish.. how bout cooked japanese ?

    that’s too bad coz dilapidated is not good!

    it was

    yea.. too bad i didn’t get to try it.. RM40 not bad rite?

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