Sri Nyonya Restaurant @ Section 22, PJ


Hmmmm…. i sat and pondered why it was, that I hadn’t eaten Nyonya food in PJ/KL for the longest time..

Then it hit me… Sri Nyonya had moved!
We decided we were hungry enough that evening to take on rice and rendang and curries.. so we headed in that general direction.


Yum ! the asam fish (using Dory fish) was delicious. Enough mint leaves to give it that zesty kick, but not too sour or salty that it obliterates your tastebuds and kills the other dishes…

The rendang was tender and had all the spices in the right dimensions… again, not too salty or spicy

DSC05864 DSC05863

The ju hu char had a good “wok-hei” flavour and the inchi cabin was crispy but not burnt.


Finally MY favourite dish.. the Perut ikan.. tho all you can see is pineapple and vege.. this dish has a healthy scattering of the chewy PERUT! Yum…!

DSC05878 DSC05871
The Cendol for dessert was good. Light and not too rich or sweet. After that massive meal, the cendol will not be the straw to break the camel’s back. Very nicely executed!

Totally NO MSG in the entire meal.
DSC05852 DSC05850
Finally, if coffee is your thing, look no further… this place has, not one, or two.., but THREE coffee machines! Take your pick… but be prepared to stay up for the late night football.. coz this coffee is strong !

Address: Sri Nyonya, jalan 22/49, PJ (near Sri Aman School)
MSG levels : nil


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