Why settle for Vitaminwater? Go for the flavor you really crave with Meatwater! It comes in many flavors: Beef Jerky, Beef Stroganof, Cheese Burger, Chicken Teriyaki, Dirty Hot Dog, Fish’n Chips, Hungarian Gulash, Italian Sausage, Peking Duck, Tandoori Chicken, Texas BBQ, Wiener Schnitzel, and introducing the new Escargot flavor! Suspiciously, “bacon” is not on the list… why is that?!

(article spotted onYesButNoButYes , via the Presurfer. It was so strange I had to share it. So does this mean that people will soon be saying.. “i feel thirsty for a cheese burger…”, or ” i need to quench my thirst with some tandoori chicken..?!” or.. “shut up and drink your hot dog!!!” 😀 Incidentally, this product is unavailable in Malaysia at the moment).

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