Come on, baby Stoke my Fire … Back to Stoked.

Date night these days has been reduced to speed dating, fast drinking-fast conversations.. because the baby needs to sleep by 10pm.

Ah.. such is the life of a foodie mom who belongs to a 2-year-old.

Well, if there’s one place that’s our “go to” place for a hot quickie…  it would be STOKED.

As fabulous as an 18 year old’s initiation to the party life at Burning Man, Stoked can still stoke any man’s fire.

Seared Tuna Tataki  – Smoked Capsicum Puree, Pickled Cucumber, Basil Oil… spot on perfection. Subtle, balanced, sublime. Innocent sweetness belie the feisty voluptuousness of fresh vigour. Taste it and weep.

Seared Hokaiddo Scallop  – Edamame, Shiitake, Lemongrass foam .. the gratuitous mouthful of briny pleasures that harken to the coastal regions of the Amalfi. Not easily forgotten.. not by a long shot.

Mushroom consommé,  … hang on to your morels, they are the woodsy foundation in times of trouble and uncertainty.

Iberico Abanico Chop, Spiced – perfectly roasted and finished off with Apple Puree, Almondine Sauce and Pegaga… exquisite. Don’t miss this.

Sher Wagyu Ribeye – just for the shear pleasure of things, add a sprinkling of volcanic salt, a generous slathering of Cacao beef jus.. and just wait for the heady pleasures to wash over you.

Sher perfection.

Sticky Date Pudding, Milk Ice Cream – best one on the dessert menu to order… 

Stoked never ceases to inspire and excite. It’s definitely our go to place for a hot, (sticky) date night in KL.






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