Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Bar Sunday Brunch

One of the really cool places in the city now for Sunday brunch, is located at the WOLO Hotel in, downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Mr. Chew’s Sunday brunch is set at RM140++ per head, and trust me, you need to bring a big, empty stomach with you, if you’re going to do the menu justice. While it’s mainly Asian inspired cuisine, with just a sprinkling of Latin American influences, the menu is fun, creative, contemporary – if you’re a diner who likes conventional textbook Asian dishes, don’t dine here. Running from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. every Sunday, the spread at Mr Chew’s Chino Latino offers a choice of Little Plates (10 choices including a soup), mains and desserts inspired by bento boxes, dim sum baskets and the conviviality of communal dining.


Chew on This! Tempura prawn nori taco, mentaiko and chilli mayo

Whether it’s the Tempura prawn nori taco, mentaiko and chilli mayo, the Twice-cooked crispy duck pancakes, or the Cold tofu, century egg, ikura & soy oyster dressing, it’s definitely not boring, and every dish is refillable for that price. We found the dishes well made, but on the salty side. Many small plates tasted similar after a while – heavy on the mentaiko and cream which made eating a little full-on, heavy going towards the end.


Barramundi, fennel & capsicum salad, sauce lodeh

The Barramundi, fennel & capsicum salad, sauce lodeh mains was a pleasant surprise – delicious, hefty, crispy yet flaky. Good value considering the price of the brunch. Mr. Chew’s In-House Dessert Bar will satisfy and hardcore sweet toothed diner for sure..  the six-course Dessert Degustation Menu with tea (RM65) or alcohol (RM95) pairing incorporates for example, mixed Berries Honeycomb Sago Crisp with Jasmine & Rose Flower Tea, or a Tonka Bean Ice Cream and Chocolate Popping Candy Mochi with a Matcha Yogurt Bubble Tea.

Look out for the Lychee (or Mint) Ice Kacang. We managed to try some cocktails here too which were all generally too sweet with not enough kick to them unfortunately. Prepared underneath a towering painting of Empress Dowager Cixi, the “Take-Away” Gin & Tonic while cute in a takeaway carton box, was more style over substance – weak and watered down to put it mildly. Still, there should be enough cocktails here to keep the average drinker happy. Mr Chew’s is however child friendly and the Chef was kind enough to take one of the mains, and serve it as a child friendly meal for our toddler. The staff were friendly and helpful too – all in all a good dining experience.

Mr. Chew’s Chino Latino Bar
WOLO, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-4065 0168

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