Silky Smooth Ipoh White Chicken @ Restoran Ipoh Chang Jiang

Ever wanted to know the secret behind Ipoh’s super smooth, broiled white chicken (pak cham kai)?

Well, since I come from Ipoh, I can tell ya;)

Apparently the chicken is boiled first, then dunked in an icy cold bath to give that super white smooth silky textured skin. This process is repeated till the skin is perfect. Using the kampung-kai (village chicken) is even better as the meat though tougher, is tastier, and the skin that’s more yellow in color, is thicker and has a decidedly springy bite to it.


And of all places to stumble upon a really good restaurant that does this pak cham kai, is in section 17 by the flats, opposite the old DKSH office.


At restaurant Ipoh Chang Jiang, the kampung chicken is truly the bomb. The flesh is thick and juicy, with little fat, but the plump skin on top is what blows my head off. It’s so plump and smooth, it’s unimaginably good. Unfortunately this place does not have any chicken rice (what?? you say? travesty!!) Indeed I was so disappointed that you only could have kwey teow (flat rice noodles) a.k.a. Ipoh Hor Fun with your chicken. There’s also a selection of meat or fishballs. The Hor Fun (RM5.50) comes in soup or the dry dark soy sauce form. The dry version comes with a small bowl of soup and mixed meat – the soup is super delicious and didn’t leave us too thirsty later, which probably meant less MSG. We didn’t try the bean sprouts (RM3) but I am sure it’s pretty good, since I saw many tables tucking away at it.

Well, what a pleasant surprise. Will definitely be eating here a lot more often in the coming months!



Restoran Ipoh Chang Jiang  
14, Jalan 17/1a, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya
Phone:+60 12-226 7799
Hours: 7AM–4PM


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