The latest in Haute Cuisine at Marini’s on 57

I’ve always been a huge fan of the food at Marini’s and now, with the latest menu, there are more rousing new dishes to get excited about.

Their newest will showcase the Tradition menu, and soon to come, the Spring menu – in honor of the season, all dishes are prepared with seasonal ingredients sourced from around the globe. And there’s also the ala carte menu that’s featuring some amazing Italian dishes to choose from too.


We started off dinner, from what was called, the ‘Tradition Menu’ – using traditional methods of preparation to bring back the old Italian charm, we were told.


amuse bouche – a rather cute bonzai plant, on which our Kalamata Olives coated with basil leave and parmesan cheese hung


And charmed, we were.


If dinner started and ended with the Bresaola, I would not have complained. These delectable cuts of house made dry aged Wagyu “Punta D’Anca” served with pink salt, arugula, and pecorino foam, were to die for. The intensity of flavour, concentrated in slivers of amazingly unctuous, air-dried, salted and aged wagyu strips, interspersed with rocket leaves, cheese and truffle shavings, were electrifyingly tasty.



Then came the Insalata Stagionale RM88


This platter of seasonal salad with tomato granite, basil granite, roots, leaves, herbs, crumbs, 12 dressings, and choice of 4 perfumes, looked like deconstructed art. You basically pick your fancy from 12 choices of salad dressings, and one perfume. Each crunchy bite was refreshingly delicious.

Loved the truffle dressing best!


Next up,The Fregola Sarda RM127
Loved the chewy Fregola pasta beads and assorted seafood Cartoccio style pasta was bursting with seafood flavour. Loved the added oceanic zing from the Mantis Prawns, mussels and crustaceous foam.


The Linguine al Cartoccio Carta Fatta RM157


The Linguine al Cartoccio Carta Fatta came wrapped up in a heat-resistant, clear plastic foil. Upon unwrapping it, the heady, exhilarating aromas of prawns and the sea, assaulted our senses. It was luscious & toothsome with every silken mouthful.


For the meat eaters, there’s the Vitello RM118

Mouthwatering Medallions of Veal tenderloin with Shimeji mushrooms and shaved truffles ended the main courses on a rather spectacular note.


Artigianale RM148

But then, that was not the end of the dining experience – we still had the Artigianale to reckon with.
Dessert imitates art, and in this case, right on our table! This luscious dessert feeds a minimum of 3-4 pax says the menu, but I would dare say, at least SIX!



A very ‘egg-citing’ dessert indeed…


And the egg hatched to give you tiny baby nuggets of macadamia chocolate coated nuts! Amazing!


New cocktails at Marini’s included the Jungle Bird (slightly bitter as it is campari based), the Tres Mexican Headhunter (mainly an overpowering scent of Tequila) and my favourite, the beautiful Isle (think refreshing pineapple and martini bianco vermouth)!

Well, there’s still plenty to choose from, from Marini’s new menu – we will be back, as the tasting must go on!

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Marini’s on 57,
Menara 3 Petronas,
Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161-2880

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