Hilton KL’s Modern Ramadan Bazaar at Vasco

How time flies.

And it is unbelievable that Ramadan is nearly upon us once more.

For this year, instead of writing about an entire list of places to “buka puasa” at, we will just zero in on a few – mainly the ones we like, and we think are best value for money.


Which brings us to a month of  bazaar favourites with a mammoth selection of delicacies at Vasco’s, KL Hilton. The spread is incredible and the offerings of delicious local as well as international cuisine, boggles the mind, and that’s why we highly recommend you check out this place.


This year, from 18 June till 16 July 2015, Chef Faizal Ghani creates a modern twist on the otherwise traditional ensemble, of a Ramadan Bazaar.


Vasco, the restaurant, will features thematic stalls that look like Malay bazaar stalls – each one being laden with different local comfort foods during the fasting month. This along with the regular international spread of dishes during Ramadan, means that diners will get to feast on a whooping variety of 150 dishes, or so. Don’t know about you, but that really boggles my mind! Priced at RM184 nett per person, be prepared to eat till you drop.


Vasco’s, all-day dining and buffet restaurant is thus transformed, replicating a ‘kampung-style’ ambience, embellished with traditional bazaar Ramadan stalls, candle-lit lanterns and of course the enticing whiff of delicious Malay classic dishes with a slightly modern twist.


To set the mood and ambiance, melodious tunes from the Ghazal group, a traditional musical genre steeped with poetry, will fill the air serenading the hearts of diners. There will also be a gong- beating ceremony, held every evening to signal that it is time to break fast adding to the lively spirit of Ramadan.


Vasco Special Counter includes Puyuh goreng and Assam pedas Melaka station.. i.e. a delicious kampung style quail.. good and tasty things, come in small packages, don’t you agree? 


Seruding Daging and Ayam & Lemang

Appetizers include the incredibly delectable, Hati Ayam Goreng Berbawang, Kerabu Daging Bakar, Seafood on ice with condiments and my all time favourite, the Kerabu Mangga Muda bersama Isi Ketam!


Chef Faizal’s favourite dishes such as the Sauteed Chicken Liver with Onion, Dried Chicken & Beef Floss (Hati Ayam Goreng Bebawang, Serunding Ayam &Daging), are an absolute delight.


For diners who fancy seafood straight from the sea, Fresh Water Red Tilapia Deep- fried with Spicy Onion and Chili Paste (Ikan Tilapia Merah Goreng Berlado) and the Simmered Catfish in fermented durian coconut gravy, also known as Ikan Sembilang Masak Lemak Tempoyak is a must-try. Main Courses include, the Sambal udang petai, ‘Vasco’ special ayam golek, Telur itik masak lemak cili padi, Rendang kepah utara and Solok lada bersama kuah percik (stuffed chili with coconut and malay spice gravy).


Solok lada bersama kuah percik


Biryani Rice


Indian Main Course include spicy offerings such as Hydrabad lamb biryani and Chennai butter chicken.


Lamb and Mutton curries


Lamb carvery station – roasted baby lamb that’s fine and tender


Sup Tulang ‘kawah’ bersama Cili Kicap Utara is a must try – with fall off the bone, tender, cartilaginous lamb chucks.. loved the ones still wobbling on the bone!


Tandoori Chicken is another crowd pleaser, guaranteed to hit the spot!


Pengat Nangka

Desserts are a must – Dessert stations include Apam balik station with condiments -Sweet corn, sugar, chopped nuts, pulut hitam, nutella, peanut butter and kaya. Malay kuih include traditional favourites such as the  -tepung pelita, appam gula hangus, bingka ubi, buah Melaka, agar agar santan, seri muka. Or if you like the stronger stuff, there’s Tapai pulut, Tapai ubi, Pengat nangka or the Serawa durian to choose from.


Serawa durian


Malay kuih -tepung pelita, appam gula hangus, bingka ubi, buah Melaka, agar agar santan, seri muka


For old-time favourites, head over to the live Appam Balik station, or complete the feast with an only-in- Malaysia childhood favourite, Ice Cream Potong for dessert.


And alongside all the signature, hot favourites, there are the international buffet items to choose from.. Feast your eyes on the following..



Chinese style Steamed fish with ginger – super fresh, and succulent.. a must order! 


Sashimi and Sushi Bar


Incredibly delicious Maki rolls 



Delectable Salmon 


Seafood station.. crawfish, crabs, scallops, oysters etc



Roast lamb and steak carvery station



Hot noodles station 


Freshly baked breads, salads etc.. 


Dessert station






Vasco’s Ramadan buffet at RM184 nett per person.
Bazaar Deal – 20% off
18 – 25 June & 12-18 July
Weekend Deal (Sat & Sun) -20% Off
Hilton Premium Club members and CIMB credit cardholders
15% off Maybank Cardmembers

Purchase of 50 or more Vasco’s Buffet Vouchers will be entitled to a 20% discount.

For reservations call +603 2264 2596 or check out www.life.hiltonkl.com for more information.

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