Just Pie.. Beauty that is more than Crust Deep

When it comes to pies and sinking my teeth into the perfect pastry, I don’t really care for pretty.

Afterall, beauty is more than crust deep, and sinking your incisors into buttery, flaky puff pastry only to hit a lava core of oozy savory mushrooms or stringy cheese, well, that’s getting to the heart of the matter. Therein beauty lies.


And so, it was with great enthusiasm and skill, that the folks behind Just Pie, crafted their offerings of savory as well as sweet pies, for the masses. Their philosophy – pies are just about putting a crust, around Malaysia’s favourite comfort foods or desserts. Which means to say, that the filling, can essentially be, anything you want it to be. From cakes to steaks.. you name it, they crust it. And thus was born, offerings such as Curry Chicken, Lamb Stew, Steak N Cheese, Black Pepper Beef, Creamy Mushrooms, Broccoli Chicken etc. as choices for Savory pies. And for sweet pies, the likes of Tiramisu Pie, Mille Crepe Pie and S’mores, but there exist many more even, in the Just Pie repertoire.


Delicious succulent fillings surrounded by light flaky pastry, sweet or savory.. what’s there not to like?


Chicken mushroom pie – Dry shiitake mushroom, skinless chicken breast in a special brown sauce RM7.90

At Just Pie, they have the puff pastry perfected – cutting into it with my knife, you will hear first the crispy crunch of flaky pastry, followed by the intoxicating buttery aroma of mushrooms and chicken permeating from within..


Sinking your teeth into the chicken mushroom pie, is an exquisite feeling.. moments later, your senses will be flooded by that comforting aroma and flavour of creamy smooth gravy and chunks of moreish mushrooms and chicken, as your teeth finds it’s way into the heart of the pie.


Just Pie, 1 Utama. Located at the Old Wing, on the Second floor, just outside of Chatime… 


unctuous, flaky, decadent…  crumbling, crispy golden pastry is super addictive! 


Chicken cheese Pie – A smooth, cream cheese, huge chunks of skinless, boneless chicken breast, sweet corn and mix vegetables make this pie a sweet winner. RM 7.90


Creamy three mushrooms  – wood ear fungus, Dry shiitake and button mushrooms. RM7.90

My favourite of the lot is this one here, that surprisingly happens to be a Vegetarian Pie. The Creamy three mushrooms is earthy, mellow and bursting with mushroom flavour. It’s juicy, pungent mushroom perfume is so strong you know that it’s been freshly made on that very morning. A must order.


Fabulous Mille crepe! Fans of nutella will go crazy for this.. priced only at RM14.90, it’s a real steal



Tiramisu – rich and decadent.. the crunchy roasted almonds sprinkled generously on top, really takes the cake!  RM 12.90


S’mores .. super delectable, crumbly, short crust, dark chocolate 70% cacao, oven bake marshmellow top. Value for money at only RM12.90


Fans of dark chocolate and marshmellows will love this one. Gooey, sticky and bitter sweet, with a nice crumbly pie pastry.. it’s the bomb!


Baking every pie to perfection is their motto.. 


Hand-made pies, flaky crumbly and prepared by experienced staff, with a smile..  using the best available ingredients sourced from local artisan suppliers, where possible. Just Pie is halal certified no less.. pick from a wonderful range of pie selections such as chicken, beef, lamb, apple, vegetarian and more.

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And you may find Just pie in 3 locations in the Klang Valley :

Just Pie The Gardens Mall : LG-C3B,Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.

Just Pie IOI City Mall : FK-8A, Lebuhraya Lembah Kelang Selatan, Ioi Resort, Putrajaya.

Just Pie One Utama : SK106,1,Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.


Tel: 603 – 7806 3631
Email : [email protected]
Website : http://www.justpie.com.my/


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