Awesome Thosai & Biryani @ Asian Rice Pot, SS5 !

If you’re a thosai addict like I am, then you need to check out Asian Rice Pot.


This place does the most awesome Ghee Thosai on earth. It’s so crispy, yet soft and flavourful, I would go so far as to say, one of the best in PJ for just RM2.50.

Anyway, the claim is that Asian Rice pot does not use MSG – we actually didn’t feel thirsty or sick to our guts, after eating here, so it just might be true. The restaurant is air-conditioned, clean, and well patronized by folks looking for an authentic South Indian fix. The specialties include spicy Kashmir chicken and Mutton fried rice, both of which we will be back to try at a later date. But first.. the Thosai & Biryani.


Thosai and coconut chutney.. go like lock and key. I always look forward to the different kinds of chutney a place might serve. It’s like a surprise that can either go awfully well.. or awfully wrong. How many times have I had chutney that smelt like rancid coconut..? Obviously gone off the night before, but still served blatantly to customers hoping they’d miss it. Ah well, am happy to report that the chutneys here, are the bomb!  One is super spicy with an insidious slow burn, so watch out for that.


The other tastes so creamy, it’s like cheese! The Ghee Thosai is honestly, just superb.. it had enough of a strong lentil aroma, not all flour, and that lovely sourish fermented lentil after taste. A good quality Thosai is hard to come by.. don’t you just hate it when they just serve you a thosai imposter.. i.e. all flour!


And for RM5, this generous mee goreng that comes with a medium sized prawn, and generous chunks of deep fried battered chicken in it is a sight for sore-eyes. Service here is fast too with everything arriving on your table within 5 minutes of ordering. The staff are polite and courteous.. unlike some places we have been to.. no names mentioned.


 deep fried bitter gourd


crab curry


They serve western breakfast sets here at lunch time too, such as French toast, eggs and sandwiches. The price range is super reasonable.

IMG_20150124_210947 Puttu


Next time we will try the puri as it seem quite popular here with the customers. 

Asian Rice Pot SS3

Snacks such as pickles, kacang & muruku for sale – all home made..

good option if you’re lactose or dairy intolerant;)


Another great thing to try here on the weekends for lunch, is the Nasi Biryani.


Long grain basmati, with tons of herbs and spices, and the most amazing selection of dishes that actually tastes fresh, and not cooked like weeks ago.


selection of curries.. for nasi banjir! 


This plate of Biryani rice cost just RM10. Real value for money.

My eyes were larger than my stomach! Here’s the my selection of Biryani for one. Wanted crab curry but apparently the supplier said it was not fresh, hence.. no carb curry that weekend.


well, there’s always prawn curry!


fish cutlet


assortment of curries.. seriously could not fit anymore in on one sitting:P



Definitely check out Asian Rice Pot for fantastic Southern indian cuisine at affordable prices. Nice friendly staff and a clean, comfortable environment are huge plus points too!

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