Brazilian Churrascaria @ Samba Brazilian Steak House

There’s nothing more appealing, than having a bevy of men serve you slow-cooked, flame-grilled meat on skewers, sliced and served on the spot, is there?


The smell of charred steak, and a bloody center, as a handsome slice flops onto your plate.. nope, there is nothing like it, at all.

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse3

And though Churrasco means ‘barbecue’ in Portuguese, you won’t be seeing any barbecue sauce on your meat (thank god for that..)  –  just the most exquisite cuts of the cow, flavored with sea salt and cooked on a super hot grill is all it takes to make a perfect steak around here.


Look out for the Picanha. It’s perfectly charred, rare at the center, and it is just a bloody gorgeous cut of the steak. The Brazilian tradition of grilling Picanha (i.e. the top rump of the cow), is 100% authentic churrasco.


It has a beautiful layer of fat.  It is not a muscle that moves much on a cow, and so, remains tender.  The picanha’s blanket of fat lends the meat flavor and juiciness which stops it from getting too dry during grilling. It is amazing!  I’d just save stomach space for this alone, if I were you.


And if your eyes grow huge, just looking at the quantity and variety of cuts of meat that pass by your table, I wouldn’t blame you. Passadores, as the meat servers are called, offer a seemingly unlimited number of cuts of meat, each presented on a large skewer. You need to just flip a plastic coin on the table (red for no, green for yes) to say if you want anymore of a serving.


Fish on skewers .. a great option for those who don’t like red meat..


Love the funky hats the Passadores wear…


Roasted leg of lamb.. supremely succulent, and an unctuous medium rare


Sirloin steak.. lovely marinade. Don’t worry if you lose track of what’s what.. just keep eating and enjoying the food! 


use your mini tweezers to lift the cut off the leg of lamb.. 


Delicious freshly BBQed Cinnamon Pineapple.. so sweet.. this was the bomb. It went well with everything!


A must have here is the Caipiriñha… a Brazilian cocktail similar to a Mojito, but way sweeter and definitely more potent. Made from lime juice, sugar, and cachaça, distilled Brazilian sugar cane juice, if the alcohol doesn’t give you a buzz, rest assured the sugar will!


Don’t be chicken hearted.. try the chicken hearts..


Oo-la-la.. wash it down with more Caipiriñha!


The Caipiriñha bar.. dangerously close by.. and churning out, dangerous amounts of delicious Caipiriñhas of course.. 


“Shall we samba..?”


A live band with live Brazilian music.. a lovely carnival atmosphere at Samba, will make you want to samba all right!


Cow chart.. for those who like to cow-talk..


“Have a heart, will ya?”



Apart from the rotating meats, the buffet is worthy of any true blooded Brazilian too. They serve hearty Brazilian favorites such as the Feijoada, Cassava Farofa, Feijao Carioquinha (Pinto Beans), A massive salad counter, an assortment of cheeses, pastas and for the sweet tooth, look out for the Cocada, Pacoca, Creme Marmore and the Chocolate fountain. Kids would certainly have a field day here at Samba!




Cassava Farofa


chunky potato chips with mushroom or black pepper sauce dips


Feijao Carioquinha (Pinto Beans)

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

Cocada, Pacoca, Creme Marmore and the Chocolate fountain


And after you have eaten your fill, you can sit back and enjoy the music some more.. or walk around the place and check out the cool nooks and take fun pictures with the family!


Seen a cow girl anywhere? 


Love the chairs! 



So, if you’re a BBQ meat lover like I am, don’t miss this awesome value for money Brazilian BBQ buffet at Samba Restaurant, Avenue K. RM69++ only per head Weekend brunch Buffet, Sat – Sun. Dinner daily RM99++ (includes seafood). Endless fun and good food for you and the family. Samba serves a pizza buffet for RM29+ during weekdays.

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