Nasi Biryani Bangladeshi @ Khabar Khabo Kotaraya

I duck out of the crowded streets on Kotaraya, seeking to get some reprieve from the blistering heat and humidity, that fine Saturday afternoon.

No such luck, the stairwell is almost as humid if not worse.


I glance up and notice the lights and scent of food, emanating from a restaurant at the top of the stairs. I am actually not hungry, thanks to the heat and the discomfort of my sodden t-shirt. All I really want is a cold drink. A lassi would hit the sweet spot right about now.


Ah… no matter, since we are here, might as well check out this potentially interesting restaurant to grab a bite at.

Walking into the small and crowded restaurant on the 1st floor, we are probably the only Chinese couple in the room. But instead of feeling threatened, we feel right at home. Maybe wide (and white) Colgate smiles great us, because we are somewhat of a curiosity, but later I realise that being welcoming and extremely hospitable is a hallmark of Bangladeshi culture.

We have a friend who is Bangladeshi and he tells us that growing up, friends and visitors alike were always welcome to drop in anytime at his house. There was always an extra plate of rice on the table for guests and open doors, sheer hospitality, and friendly dispositions were all an integral part of the Bangladeshi culture. Hmm.. actually this sounded a lot like my late grandma’s doctrine too, “Open door, extra bowl of rice and chopsticks” used to be her dogma while she was still alive. No soul was ever turned way hungry from our door.


I have to say that digging into my plate of rice, Khabar Khabo has some of best Biryani and Chicken Dosh I have eaten in KL. Deep flavors of Cumin, Coriander, Nutmeg ( Jaiphal), Mace (Javitri), Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves and Kewra essence (screwpine) are just intoxicating. Long grain Basmati Rice, well seasoned Chicken and crispy shallots fried till golden brown in refined ghee is the icing on the cake. The chicken drumstick cooked separately from the basmati rice, is fall off the bone tender. Once you select the juciest leg, they then ladle the rice, hard-boiled egg and cucumbers onto your plate.


Chicken Dos.. slathered in a sweet savory, spice infuse gravy that’s fragrant yet not too overpowering


Biryani.. best thing to eat here at Khabar Khabo


Lentil Soup

After asking if they can take photos with me (one at a time, and there were half a dozen of them), they allow me to get back to my Biryani. Ah yes indeed, I think that’s why I feel totally at home.. these guys are as good at taking selfies as I am… what a memorable time dining at the restaurant of these sociable Bangladeshis!


Friendly staff.. they chat with us, talk to us about their cuisine and insist on taking a dozen photos with us afterwards..


Khabar Khabo – windows double up as space for advertising their menu


 Gulab Jamun and other Bangaldeshi sweets..


These are the boiled ghee balls as opposed to the deep-fried. Not as nice or as strong-tasting as the fried Gulab Jamon but it’s pretty tasty and sweet anyway.

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50100 KL
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