Wine Fiesta 2014 @ Ben’s Publika

The Wine Fiesta 2014 organized by Straits Wines, was back, and with it, a dynamic lineup of top winemakers and a plethora of new wines and spirits, all showcased at the outdoor sunny hotspot of Ben’s Publika.


Sipping the afternoon away guests were free to mingle and to enjoy an array of specially selected wines. The venue was crowded with folks enjoying full-bodied and rich reds, crisp whites, mellow cognacs and irrepressibly effervescent champagne.


This would be the 4th successful year running, of the Malaysia Wine Fiesta, organized by The Straits Wine Company, and the event usually marks the opening of the international wine harvesting season worldwide. Winemakers from around the world were present, bringing together a compelling array of wines from the Old world as well as New.


Champagne Deutz Brut Vintage – A smooth and succulent vintage Champagne. Pear and stone fruit aromas precede an elegant, concentrated palate, with real vintage depth and a generous finish.


Yes this is definitely the place to hear a good story or two, about your favourite wine.

So the story goes.. the Barolo Albe is a traditional-style Barolo made from fruit sourced from three different vineyards – Fossati, Le Coste, and La Volta. When the sun rises in the morning, it takes about 20 minutes for dawn to break out over each vineyard. So, there are three different ‘albe’, or dawns, if you like.

PB021382The 2009 is rich and delectable from the very first taste. I can’t think of too many Barolos in this price range that deliver so much quality or pleasure. Vajra’s Albe.. one of my favourites!


There were from Australia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and France. There were trendy rosés from AIX, the most eclectic range of Champagnes from Champagne Deutz, and the much-lauded Marlboro Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand.



From beginners to aficionados, there was something for everybody. And for those aspiring to be wine aficionados, this was a great opportunity to attend some well informed masterclasses meet the winemakers and experience their stories, first hand.


This event saw over 100 varieties of wines from over 20 wineries, and organized 10 wine masterclasses for the participants.


There’s definitely something here at the Wine Fiesta for every palate and budget and we highly recommend catching the next one, if you’ve missed this event. It makes wine accessible and fun for all, which really is key, isn’t it?


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