Hwan by Chakri

Hwan means ‘sweet’ in Thai.

But whilst some Thai desserts might tend toward the decorative, the sticky, and the cloyingly sweet, Hwan, is more of a no frills kind of dessert joint, and the desserts thankfully are not overly sweet.


tab tim grob


Hwan, the kiosk is located just outside McDonalds, LG Midvalley


Savory finger food such as the Mieng Kam, Mango or Papaya salads, Pandan Chicken & Fish cakes give a good balance to the dessert menu, so that not everything you see on the list is sweet.


miang kham


I like the salads here – freshly made, and they don’t need to be heated


Thai Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) 


Thai green mango salad (Som Tum Mamuang)

The owner Caleen, tells us that the concept was created when she visited Chef McDang in Bangkok. He brought her to taste some amazing Thai food, dishes and desserts that were like nothing she had tasted before. She loved it so much that it inspired her to create Hwan, this Thai dessert concept that’s located at LG of Midvalley.


Non-Thai inspired desserts – loved the durian ice cream one on top of sticky rice


mango sticky rice

Unfortunately, these fish cakes were just so-so for me, but obviously they need to be microwaved to be made warm, seeing as the nature of this place is a kiosk, so it lacked that made on the spot freshness that we have been accustomed too. Still for what it is, and everything being under RM10, it is a real steal!


Hwan by Chakri – located on LGC-28,Mid Valley Megamall .

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