Single Malt Whisky Aberlour Debuts in Malaysia

Nothing goes down quite as quickly as cold whisky on a hot Friday evening.


Except perhaps for some rather tasty gourmet hors d’oeuvres, washed down as quickly with the said whisky, if you’re hungry.


The Whisky in question today is Aberlour. And the venue is the rather cool, vintage home called Sekeping Sin Chew Kee, in the heart of old KL.


And the whiskies of Aberlour, long regarded by enthusiasts and experienced experts alike as one of the finest single malts being produced today, has officially made its launch in Malaysia.


Mr. Darren Hosie, International Brand Ambassador of Chivas Brothers Ltd gives the opening remarks and walks us through the 3 whiskies – 12, 15 and 18 year olds..


These were paired with different canapes of varying depth of flavour – going from mildest, to the strongest tasting (salmon, foie gras and finally beef cheek)

From the moment founder James Fleming began his quest in 1879 to create the best single malt, Aberlour has won an outstanding number of trophies and gold medals. In 1990, Aberlour became the first ever single malt to win the Gold Medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition twice. This award winning streak continues till today, with Aberlour winning Gold Medals in that competition alone another 13 times in the last ten years.


Crafted with exquisite care and expertise, Aberlour distillery produces a new make spirit of exceptional quality, boasting characteristics that are clean, crisp and fruity (bursting with red berries and blackcurrants) with striking depth.


this is how fatboybakes looks, when he sniffs an 18 year old:P 

The use of ex-sherry casks is what adds significant depth and velvet richness to each sip and this influence is prominent throughout the range. In fact, Aberlour whisky makers even choose the sherry that fills the casks to ensure the character is just perfect for maturing Aberlour. Every ex-sherry cask that is subsequently used in the maturation of Aberlour is individually nosed by the whisky makers (prior to filling) to ensure the wood has the perfect aromas and quality needed for the job.


Aberlour’s distillers are also masters of double cask maturation. In addition to ex-sherry casks, Aberlour also uses traditional oak casks, including ex-bourbon first fill casks.

“There is an almost unparalleled level of detail and fine control that goes into the making of Aberlour’s velvety whiskies. The expert crafting of spirit and cask has given us today a range of single malts that are elegant, complex, yet exceptionally balanced. In fact, it is the same highly experienced team that has seen the distillation and maturation of the 12, 16 and 18 year old Aberlour whiskies we enjoy today right from the start,” said Hosie.


“The other factor that makes Aberlour so special is of course none other than its magical location alongside the River Spey,” he added. The name Aberlour means ‘the mouth of the chattering burn’ in Gaelic. Local monks in ancient times thought that the noise the burn made, as it cascaded over waterfalls and wooded glens on its way to the river Spey, sounded as though it were talking.

The water that surrounds Aberlour has always been prized. Exceptionally pure, the clear, soft spring water is part of what makes Aberlour single malt unique and is at the very heart of its identity. It is also rich with history, being the same water that the Celtic druids used to heal bodies while the missionary St Drostan believed it could heal the souls.

Whisky lovers in Malaysia can look out for the Aberlour 12 Year Old Double Cask Matured, the Aberlour 16 Year Old Double Cask Matured and the Aberlour 18 Year Old at selected outlets across the country at a price tag of between RM400 to RM900.


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