Premium Dimsum at Chynna

In a city where eating steaming hot bao, siu mai or shrimp dumplings early in the day is as much of a way of life as having a hot cup of coffee in the morning, I think I’ve seen it all, where dimsum is concerned.


 Gold Roll Stuffed with Lobster & Black Truffle, and Deep fried Beancurd toll stuffed with Wagyu and Cheddar Cheese

But recently I notice that chefs have been trying to taking contemporary/fusion approaches to native-style dim sum, bringing a dash of extra excitement to a meal that wasn’t exactly lacking in popularity in the first place.


 Salmon Trout Consomme or Braised Green Pea Soup served with Crispy Shrimp dumpling

Take for example Chynna. They are currently incorporating top-shelf ingredients, including likes of Wagyu, Bird’s Nest and Lobster into their dimsum. Known simply as Premium dimsum, Chynna is now upping their game, adding Grade 9 Wagyu, black truffles to deep fried beancurd rolls and inventing new dim sums, like Nanyang Chili Paste Coral Trout Fish dumpling & Shrimp and Bird’s Nest Dumpling.


Steamed Nanyang Chili Paste Coral Trout Fish dumpling & the Steamed Shrimp and Bird’s Nest Dumpling

This Premium dimsum is available during dinner time at Chynna. So I guess it’s definitely a plus that you can now enjoy dimsum even if you have missed it for breakfast and lunch.


Carrot Juice Rolls stuffed with Vietnamese Rice and Fresh Scallop

These rolls had a nice texture, but they were too salty for my liking. The scallops were fresh but marred but the amount of salt used. Less is definitely best.


Oven Baked Musang King Durian Tartlet filled with Custard Cream & Honey Glazed BBQ Chicken in Fluffy Charcoal Buns (Bao)

The charc0al baos were a real winner at the dinner table. The stuffing was so flavourful, you’d even forget you were eating chicken! The tartlet was a little strange on the palate, as it was soft custard cream, followed by a soft durian filling – altogether to mushy.


Delicious Charcoal Baos!


Chilled Aloe Vera and Hawthorn Jelly

Finally a refreshing dessert of Chilled Aloe Vera and Hawthorn Jelly completed dinner.  This Premium dimsum is priced at RM168++ per pax for the set (ala carte starts from RM15++) – it is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something Asian and different for dinner.


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