Dinner with Chef Alexy Fuchs @ Mezze KL

This would probably be my induction into Alsace cuisine and wines.

Prior to this dinner, I only knew that Alsace was situated in the northeast corner of France, sheltered by the Vosges mountains to the west and hard against the German border to the east. I also knew that while the wines of Alsace where relatively unknown and misunderstood, there lie some of France’s best vineyards and best wine-makers.


So, we was positively thrilled that we would be sampling wines such as the Organic Gewurztraminer, Alsace Pinto Blanc, Alsace Pinot Noir, and finally the delicious Eau de Vie, at a dinner hosted by Mezze, showcasing Chef Alexy Fuchs from Alsace, fine cooking.


Chef Fuchs was only 25 years old when Le Gavroche was awarded it’s first Michelin star in February 2013. After a decade of honing his culinary skills under the tutelage of his parents, Natalie and Benoit Fuchs – Fuchs went on to win the top spot at the Strasbourg European Fair 2013 as well as the 18th edition of the famed Henry Huck 2014 trophy. Giving a creative modern twist to Alsatian classics, the Fuchs family has elevated the food culture in Strasbourg with their perfectly executed interpretations.


Amuse Bouche – Rocket Gazpacho.. delicious and refreshing!


Amuse Bouche – Beetroot and Goats’ Cheese.. sweet and juicy with a nice gamy hit from the Goats cheese


Foie Gras with Apricots and Cashews

Loved this dish. There was a nice zing imparted by the apricots, and crispy cashews were a nice contrast to the perfectly pan seared, soft foie gras.


Creamy and sweet, this Cream of White Cocoa Bean Soup with Sweet Garlic was super addictive. Too bad we only had a wee bit of it! Could have done with a lot more!


Another winner – the Turbot with Risotto was fresh and succulent. Loved the creamy risotto cooked just al dente.


This would be the first time I’d ever had Black Cod cooked this way – in a Bouillabaisse, Fennel and Saffron Sauce. Incredibly rich, and the permeating heady aroma of Saffron was delightful.


Another fantastic dish – I was really begining to enjoy Alsace cooking! This Quail Stuffed with Crayfish was incredible. Paired with an Alsace Pinot Noir, it really enhanced the flavours of quail and sweetness of crayfish.


A great pair with the Pinot Noir 


Definitely my favourite dish for the night!


 Veal Rib Rack

The Veal Rib Rack was succulent enough, but we would have preferred it cooked a medium rare.


Desserts are definitely Chef Fuch’s strength and these two final, wonderful desserts of Passion Fruit Panna Cotta Cup & the Chocolate Macaron were delicious.

Mezze Chef Alexy1-001

We also got to sample the Eau-de-Vie (Water of Life).  Eau-de-vie is the traditional clear, unsweetened fruit brandy that is synonymous with Alsace. Classic eaux-de-vie are distilled from pears, raspberries, cherries (kirsch) and plums etc.. and has a very fragrant aroma upon your first swivel. We loved it!

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