Enju’s Revamped Japanese Menu

Great news for Japanese aficionados. The Japanese dining restaurant Enju, has undergone a complete revamp. A fresh experience awaits its guests with a greater selection of luscious Japanese gourmet food and great sake to match.


The menu is elevated by new mainstays, such as the Maguro Tororogake. Definitely a Japanese delicacy for Adventure seekers – it had a gooey texture that not all might appreciate, but a nice dab of wasabi and a chunk of sweet, raw tuna is all it takes to make this experience complete.


Maguro Tororogake
Grated Japanese mountain yam topped with marinated tuna .. definitely a new one for me!


Mix it all up and be sure to get your wasabi evenly mixed into that yam, otherwise be prepared for the sting!


Hamachi Carpaccio
Thinly sliced yellow ail carpaccio and salmon roe drizzled with herb oil and wasabi shoyu that definitely did the fish justice. The sauce was a bit too strong tasting for our liking, but the Hamachi was superb. Am not sure about the thinly sliced comment on the menu, either, because as you can see from our photo, ours was sent over in chunks. Not that we are complaining.. more for us I suppose!


Foie Gras with Daikon

This must be one of the most decadent items on the new menu at Enju, and definitely a crowd pleaser. What can I tell you – a fat, juicy generous hunk of seared foie gras, on an equally sweet chunk of Daikon. A must order.


Maguro Avocado Zuke, Kimchi Sauce

This delicious marinated raw tuna and avocado D.I.Y. wrap with seaweed, and dabbed with a spot of spicy kimchi sauce was the bomb! I was more obsessed with the seaweed than the fish in the end, and ate all of the wraps before we could finish the tuna! The avocado gave a luxurious, satin-like mouthfeel that was fabulous.


Haruka Sashimi

5 types of assorted sashimi for just RM150 and they are super generous with the cuts. The fish is also incredibly fresh – loved the scallops and Ark shell/Akagai the best.


Aji Edamame
Spicy boiled soybeans tossed with miso chili paste – great for those who like things spicy, but I prefer mine plain.


Gyuniku Teriyaki
Australian beef tenderloin glazed with Teriyaki sauce  – a little on the sweet side, but they got the doneness right.

All in all, some terrific new offerings on this revamped menu and praiseworthy fresh sashimi at affordable prices. Great reasons to visit Enju this month for sure.

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