BBQ Pork Addictions at Hoong Kee

It seems like every week, we find a great new place for BBQ Pork (Charsiew) Noodles. It doesn’t take much to make us happy, but the pork has to be spot on in terms of flavour, and have a nice charred BBQ outer layer too.

And now, we have yet another Charsiew place to add to our ever growing list of favourites. Hoong Kee BBQ Wantan Mee.


Located deep in the heart of Kampung Baru Ampang, the BBQ sauce is what sets it apart. The sauce has a unique taste to it, and has an interesting red color. Not sure what the secret ingredients are but it’s definitely different tasting from other Charsiew shops and their sauces.

The lean charsiew here is not as nice as the half-fat, half-lean, so you are better off ordering the fattier version. Their long gorgeous fatty strips of seasoned boneless pork, are skewered with long forks and placed in a huge BBQ drum and according to the chef, they use charcoal to cook the meat.


It’s harder to control the heat but the outcome is better, he tells us.  The meat, they use is typically a shoulder cut that’s seasoned with a mixture of honey, five-spice powder, fermented soybean paste, dark soy sauce and possibly, hoisin sauce. But anyway, it’s a secret sauce, and we’ll leave it at that!


The wantan noodles is made weekly by the owner and Chef, Mr Chow. The wriggly shaped noodles here are thin than usual and made with less kansui. When cooked, the noodles had a springy texture with a good bite. Definitely in our favor.

Hoong Kee has another branch (stall) in Publika’s food court. So, if you can’t make it to Ampang then there is Publika. Only a marginal increase in pricing.


Hoong Kee also serves some terrific Roast Pork, with a nice crackling and succulent flesh.


This is the starting slab of meat for the Roast Pork. Costs RM80 just for this hunk of meat.


I can eat as many plates of this as they dish out! 


Next round, we must try Mr. Chow’s wantans! No more space in my stomach this time! 


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Hoong Kee BBQ Wantan Mee,
Jalan Mewah,
Ampang, KL
GPS : 3°08’34.2″N 101°45’41.8″E


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