Las Vacas latest Breakfast Menu

Having heard good things about the butcher, Las Vacas, and their steaks, we were rather pleased to be invited over to check out their latest breakfast menu.

Las Vacas is touted to do delicious, affordable steaks and we hoped that the breakfast menu would be the same.


The Wagyu Karubi and Eggs – RM28

One glance at the breakfast menu, and you can see that they serve an interesting selection of Big Breakfasts, anywhere between RM20 to 30 bucks. There are cheaper items on the menu such as Melt in Your mouth Muffins at RM8. Other popular offerings include an Italian Summer Salad at RM14, the Beefy Toad in the Hole RM27, as well as a Norwegian Benny RM18.

The Wagyu Karubi and Eggs, arrived quickly. The wagyu lacked salt, but was quickly remedied with a sprinkle from the table salt at hand. Of course it’s better for the meat to be under salted than too salty. Over all the dish was rich and creamy, with sufficient runny egg yolk to blanket the meat. It was nice, but the taste was a little monochromatic. It definitely could have done with some sides of pickled shitake, or a smattering of truffle sauce, or even a dollop chutney on the side to pick up its flavors. Some aged Balsamic might have worked well too. Otherwise, the Wagyu had a deep, beefy flavour, that was satisfactory enough, but it ain’t grade 8 or anything.


Really awesome coffee at Las Vacas. Musetti Beans for the Latte, and Malongo Sous Vide for the Long Black. The latte was incredibly smooth – definitely high quality Arabica with a nice strong coffee palate  – almost a chocolate aftertaste and vanilla flavoured. And if we thought that couldn’t be topped, the Sous Vide Malongo Long Black was even smoother.


Paleo Stew – RM21

 If there’s one thing you should order (and if you don’t think that breakfast is too early), it is the Paleo Stew. Soft strips, grass fed, striploin beef, stewed with carrots, onions and tomatoes are a heavenly combo! Of course if you’re really observing the Paleo diet, you shouldn’t have bread. Not sure why they served it as such though.


Loved the fat on the edges of the soft striploin.. addictive! 


Ox Tongue Benny RM27

Unfortunately the tongue was overcooked on this one. Again this dish lacked salt. It would have also done well with a tart side dish or something to elevate the flavour – not just a single flat sort of taste.


The tongue itself had a nice charred flavour to it. Too bad it was overcooked.

All in all, some hits and misses, but I am sure it’s only a matter of time before Las Vacas get the breakfast menu right, since it is still a work in progress. Our picks would be the Paleo Stew and the terrific coffee!

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Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6205 2258
Operating Hours: Mondays 6pm to 10pm;
Tuesdays to Sundays 10am – 10pm


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