More Bang for your Buck.. booking holidays online

If you’re already planning a holiday, hold your horses.. Wednesday might just be the best day to do it.

Independent travel has always been more appealing to the young and adventurous, from finding the best deals ourselves to picking our own places to visit – minus all the commercial tourist traps. I can attest to the excitement that comes with planning every detail of my holiday  – it is hard to match and it is something definitely worth investing time and effort in. I know I like to research a place I go to, at least 14 days before hand. I normally use Agoda to book my rooms as they have great deals from time to time.

Lombok - Indonesia_RS

Lombok Indonesia.. paradise on earth! 

So armed with all the up to date information on a cool place to visit, the only thing I could hope for more, would be if someone just waved a wand, and gave me a huge discount.. right?

Which brings me to my next point. The good news is that in conjunction with the latest round of Visa Wednesdays on Agoda they are offering even more great deals online.

Any Visa cardholder in Malaysia can knock 10% or 12% off an booking every Wednesday from now till 4th June 2014! What’s even better is the 10 or 12% discount goes on top of any existing deals you can find on That, my friend, is a whole load of savings! Check it out for full details and T&Cs.


Mandalay, Myanmar.. you will never find nicer people! 

Or,  Go mobile. Online travel agencies like Agoda frequently offer special deals that can only be found via its mobile app. So it is always a good idea to extend your search for the best deals from your desktop to your mobile / tablet too.

And if you’re not sure about a place, it’s always best to read the reviews. I find the reviews give me valuable insights to the pros and cons of any given hotel, and that can help you make the right decision based on your preferences and the experiences of past travelers.

Good luck and don’t forget to book your holiday on a Wednesday .. save some dosh while you’re at it:)





  • Caroline says:

    Excellent promotion … I wonder if VISA offers similar promotions for those of us here in America?

  • Ash says:

    Hi Caroline, Visa Wednesdays is only running in Malaysia for now. For Visa promos in the US, I think the best place to find out more would be their Facebook page. As for, deals and discounted hotels are compiled and announced every Friday via EDM, so do sign up if you’re keeping a lookout on cheap hotels!

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