All You Can Eat Dinner @ Tai Zi Heen , Prince Hotel

I’m very cautious of buffets when it comes to ALL YOU CAN EAT dinners. I’ve had some pretty good ones and some pretty lousy ones.

And Cantonese dinner buffets of this style seem to give me the same high as someone who has just carbo, fat and protein loaded, about to bungee jump off a cliff. Yet, with some unsavory buffets, one seems to charge ahead, like a moth drawn to a flame. I know, going into the place, that the food will probably be pretty grotesque, and not the most attractive dishes will be laid out for me, but, we hope for the best, that just this one time, we might be pleasantly surprised!


braised beef short-ribs with coffee sauce and almond flakes

Well, well, well. I am happy to report that Tai Zi Heen’s all you can eat buffet is the exception to that rule, and  downright delicious!

The quality of food is pretty damn good. The portions are respectable and the speed with which they are delivered your dishes piping hot to the table is remarkable. This is the all you can eat, ala carte dinner, and it is served to you.. so no need to queue at the buffet line at all.


sautéed prawns in oriental butter sauce

Yes yes, needless to say, I gluttoned myself to near death, and had a great time doing it.

Tai Zi Heen’s  ‘All You Can Eat Dinner’ promotion is priced at only RM68++ per person, and one can indulge in unlimited servings of their favourite dishes from Chef Michael Wong’s latest gourmet menu that features both traditional and contemporary Cantonese dishes. This promo started on the 16th of October and is on-going at the moment.


Double Boiled Oxtail Soup with sun-dried scallops, dried oysters and radish 

Gaining inspiration from local flavours, the West and other Asian countries, Chef Michael Wong, Chinese Head Chef has recently introduced an exciting new ala carte menu – speaking with the Chef, he tells us that he believes in experimenting with recipes to create unique and fresh flavours while maintaining the essence of Cantonese cuisine.


Kung-pao Chicken

The ‘All You Can Eat Dinner’ menu features 50 items from Chef Wong’s inspiration. He tells us that some of the ‘must-eats’ include the Double Boiled Oxtail Soup with scallops, dried oysters and Radish, Chicken consommé with sun-dried scallop and cordyceps, Wok-fried fresh sea scallops with seasonal vegetables, Szechuan-style wok-fried sliced Australian beef sirloin, Spinach bean curd with sautéed asparagus and nameko mushrooms and Stir-fried Shanghai noodles with shredded chicken in supreme soya sauce.


spinach beancurd with sautéed asparagus and nameko mushrooms


Venison with wild Mushrooms, spring onions and Thai Basil


shrimp fried rice with tobiko and bonito flakes


Braised Shanghai noodles with minced chicken, pickled  vegetables and hot bean paste


the affable Chef Michael Wong


chilled honeydew melon with sago and ice cream


mango pudding in passion fruit sauce


 chilled herbal jelly served with honey, sago and sea coconut

What can I tell you? This truly is the best way to try out as many dishes (as humanly possible to digest) at a single price. It’s great for people who can eat, and eat till the cows come home. That’s probably why, I like it so much!

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‘All You Can Eat Dinner’ promotion at Tai Zi Heen is available from 16 October to 15 December 2013, 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily. Call: 03 2170 8888 or email [email protected] 


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