Moon Kee Fish Head Noodles @ Section 19, PJ

It isn’t easy to find, good fish head noodles in my part of the hood. Most places we like are located further away such has this one, in Pudu and this one in Puchong. There’s even a good one in Subang, and as you can tell, we don’t really mind traveling around town for good fish head noodles.


So, how happy were we, when we found out that Moon Kee ( famous for their first shop located at the section 17 square, where the early morning market is) has just opened a new Fish Head Noodle shop/cafe, in Section 19. Airy, cool and modern looking, it would mean dining in a much more comfortable setting than in a coffee shop.


And surprisingly, the noodles are affordably priced, within the RM10-RM15 range, which is awesome value for money. You can go for either poached fish or fried fish (choice of Garoupa, Pomfret or Four Finger Threadfin) and the best part of it is the fish noodle soup that is made from a milky broth of preserved Chinese vegetables, sliced garlic, tomato and spring onion. Be sure to remember to ask for extra Chinese Rice Wine for added kick.

The dish is served piping hot so you have to be careful that in your ravenous state, you do not scald your tongue. Once it has cooled a bit, take a huge spoonful of thick white soup which is rich, gingery flavoured and potent enough to cause beads of sweat to form on your brow. Sourish from the tomato, spicy from the ginger, salty from the preserved vegetables, it is most addictive stuff.


And if you’re wondering how to get to this restaurant, it is actually located on the opposite side from Kanna PJ. It is further down from the old Nanking Vegetarian on the corner  of the street – now called milion dolar (not a spelling error!) restaurant.


The cook preparing our food. The live kitchen is modern and spacious – we didn’t end up smelling like fried fish though we sat inside, so the ventilation must be pretty decent.


seasoning for the fish fillets about to hit the wok for frying


Wow.. a lovely golden, and crisp batter is hard to resist!


And if you don’t like fried fish, you can opt for the Noodle Soup with Poached Pomfret (RM15). The Deep Fried or Poached Fish Head with Milky Noodle soup is only RM12.


Pomfret Fish Fillet


A delicious bihoon version with loads of coriander and Japanese seaweed is a light and healthy option to the fried fish head


Fish cakes – a little too salty for me


Here’s one of my favourites – sliced abalone, fish balls, fish cakes and seaweed, with thick rice noodles. This is just RM7.50 for a bowl of steaming goodness.


And who can resist the spongy, fluffy fish maw? This bihoon fish maw and fish ball dish is also priced at RM7.50. For those who are not familiar with the fish maw, it’s actually the part of the fish that controls buoyancy. This bladder is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to stay afloat in water. Pretty tasty stuff, and trust the Chinese to eat ALL parts of the fish.


So, whether you prefer clear broth or fresh fish in milky broth,  Moon Kee offers both at affordable prices.The fish meat is fresh, and the fish noodle soup that is made from preserved Chinese vegetables, sliced garlic, tomato and spring onion is delicious. Be sure to remember to ask for extra Chinese Rice Wine for added kick.

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Moon Kee Fish Head and Seafood Noodles,
48 Jalan 19/3, Section 19, PJ


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