Late Night Dining, @ Jalan Seladang, Pudu

The Malaysian, late night hawker dining phenomenon is legendary, and one such place that’s an icon for this, is the hawker stall, on Jalan Seladang Pudu, KL. This is one of our all time favourite places for a good, cheap dinner which we have been frequenting for years.

We never blogged this place any earlier because it was kind of like our secret favourite place for great KL chinese hawker food. But since the Malay Mail Online just wrote about it this week, we figured why not? The secret is already out! 😉


There isn’t a proper name to this brightly lit stall on Jalan Seladang. The food is fantastic. The place is always packed. The people jostle to pile their plates to the hilt. The stall offers 6 times a week, at least 20 trays of various home-style chinese cuisine. From large chunks of fried chicken cuts, a variety of pork dishes and a variety of vegetables, all the dishes are so flavourful that it keeps us and anyone to chance upon the stall coming back for more. You can have rice, porridge, or noodles to go with any of the dishes which rarely changes other than 2-3 choices.


Over the years, this guy, whom patrons affectionately call, “Fei Loh” (Fatty) is the sole proprietor of this hawker stall, that shares the spot with a Chicken Rice shop during the day. Fei Loh is a cool guy. You can’t really call him fat, though. He is more of a gentle giant with broad shoulders and thick muscular limbs, remnants from former body building glory days.


 Fei Loh stands at the front of the stall like a strong pillar of truth in the night

The stall isn’t a big secret. To be honest, it is an establishment. Besides the profit making factor, the stall feeds the poor and middle class nearly every night. The customers that frequent this night stall come from all social stratas. From ladies of the night, drug addicts, taxi drivers to middle class families, they all congregate and share tables for a feast of simple good food that is cheap. Cheap and good food is something that is a rarity in Kuala Lumpur these days. Even rarer are stalls opening this late with almost all dishes tasting this good.

Once they have finished piling their plates with food, patrons would show Fei Loh their mountainous plate and he will quote them the price. They can choose to pay immediately or later. Fei Loh is extremely trusting and has a memory of an elephant plus is a whizz at calculation. He remembers all the prices he has quoted on the plates, as well as the faces of his patrons, so don’t go running away without paying!


So what do we like about this nameless, ridiculously packed stall on Jalan Seladang, Pudu?

Everything! From cheap affordable food, to a pleasant owner who always has time to joke with me about the food I am eating, or how much I should be paying, this place is like a second home (or second kitchen) to us.


The Yong Tau Foo is out of this world. For only 90 cents (when we started eating here, it was 70 cents), it’s not your run of the mill, fish paste stuffing. It’s solid chunk of pork, yong tau foo! Thick, salty and sweet, just trying to put away 3 – 4 pieces is a feat in itself. So huge you can’t get your mouth around it, if you know what I am saying.

It is tough to pin point which are the best dishes. Each patron has their favourites and this may also change now and then. The curry chicken used to be better tasting but yet we are still drawn to the new recipe. The pork stew swimming in so much sinful lard is so flavoursome, you’d just have to sacrifice your health. Even stir fried vegetables are just so tasty here.


The red bean dessert is something that a lot of customers order here – not over boiled, and you can still taste the ‘bean’ in the red bean, and not just sugar water. I like the glass jelly drink here too that helps cool you down from the heat in KL.


Anyway, the menu is extensive ranging from fried noodles to curry to deep fried chicken and fish,  to all kinds of delightfully oily, porky dishes. God knows how they finish all this food, starting at such a late hour each night, but they do. Every single night it is a sell out, but it is no surprise, as the food is definitely tasty.

Besides this stall, a noodle soup stall and another very popular pork porridge (which starts and closes earlier) also serves their mainstay dishes to plenty of customers nearly every day.


Location : Pudu, just further along from RHB Bank on Jalan Seladang.
Price : Cheap and good!
Opening hours : 8:30pm onwards.


We hope this late night dining stall stays open for years and years to come. We will never tire of seeing Fei Loh for our weekly fix of Pudu Street Food.

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