Sang Har Mee @ Restoran Tong San, Salak South

What’s there not to like about Sang Har Mee?

These fresh water prawns or Tiger prawns are massive, and most of the time, bursting with egg roe.

This roe colors the sauce a crimson orange and adds a superb flavour to the dish.


Yes it’s hard not to be gobsmacked by the size of them prawns at Tong San, Salak South.. they are huge!


Actually, there are a couple of good eateries in this area, particularly two coffee shops offering roast duck and char siew (BBQ pork), and chap farn (economy rice) in Jalan Hang Tuah 2 and Jalan Tuanku 2. Most of the time, we come to Salak South for the charsiew rice, but today, we were here to try something different.


Tong San is famous for its Chinese style fried noodles and dai chow (chinese hot wok fried dishes)


They do an interesting Hoi Lam Mee here – it has a predominantly savory and sour flavour, employing the good old fashioned tai-lok-mee (thick egg noodles), loads of onions, fried egg, julienne cucumbers, pork, red chilies and mushrooms and a special Hailam sauce recipe to seal the deal . This was a favourite with our guests, but I always find this noodles rather weak tasting without enough of a sour edge. It works better if you ask them for some lime and add more of that sour bite to the dish.


Tong San does some terrific pork dishes, but be warned, the portions are rather small. This Sa Pai Kuat was nicely caramelized and cloyingly sweet. It went terrific with a hot bowl of white rice.


Fried Tung Fun – not the best we have had, but tasty enough.


Then came a barrage of pork and noodles dishes that rained down on our table like zephyrs..


Pai Kuat Wong – sweet and sour and again, too small a helping. We ended up ordering double of everything, except the Sang Har Mee which was huge.


Easiest way to eat Sang har!


Still hungry, we ordered more pork. Wood ear mushroom aka black fungus braised pork.. loved the sauce


Tong San, still a good place for Sang Har Mee without having to go too far from PJ


Have you had your Sang Har Mee fix today? 😛


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Tong San,
Jalan Tuanku 1,
Salak South Garden,
57100 Kuala Lumpur,
GPS: 3.083576,101.695896


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